About Us

Kinjunxion is a Social Enterprise built by a community of people dedicated to helping individuals and families find local solutions to everyday challenges. Our online community provides information by topic and location to help you navigate through the challenges you may be faced with.


Our mission is to help individuals and families find solutions to life’s challenges by connecting them with relevant, reliable information, resources and local professional services through a safe, positively oriented online community.

From Financial-Distress to Marital-Conflict, from Child-Depression to Senior-Care and anything else in between.  We facilitate access to relevant factual content to empower people to take ownership of their family’s future. We provide a safe environment where you can ask questions, talk to experts, find vetted reliable information, resources & professional services near you. All easily accessible in one convenient place.


Our vision is break the cycle of generational dysfunction and replace it with a virtuous cycle of awareness that positively impacts how future generations raise their children.

We are who we were brought up to be, however, self-awareness about our family and the environment where we were raised can help us create a positive cycle of awareness for generations to come.


• We are passionate about bringing social change to families.
• We are committed to providing factual, impartial and unbiased content.
• We encourage clarity, transparency and open communication.
• Excellence, self-awareness, and personal growth are important to us.
• We foster knowledge, open innovation, value co-creation and teamwork.
• Work-life balance and having fun in everything we do is important to us.
• We make things happen by balancing our profitability with our social impact.
• Our sustainability depends on our ability to add value to individuals and families around the world.


The idea for Kinjunxion started in 2012 when, our Founder & CEO, Alejandro Cuéllar, was faced with the challenge of going through a separation. He had many questions and few places to turn. Alejandro wanted the best for his two daughters, which meant that he had to be at his best.

He constantly wondered how this challenge would affect his daughters in the short term as young girls and longer term as adults. There were so many questions. Where to turn for family counseling? Was it the right choice? Should he try to reconcile? Was his job going to be affected? Who could he turn to for financial help? If needed, where could he find tutors to help his children maintain good grades? What were options available to him legally? Soon Alejandro found that his questions had less to do with separation and divorce and more to do with the well-being of himself and his family.

There wasn’t a central place to find the answers Alejandro was looking for. He spent a lot of time meeting with individuals, counselors and professionals that he found online or through word of mouth. Unfortunately, this approach took a lot of time and energy and did not always provide the solutions he needed.

Alejandro realized there had to be a better way, and he resolved to help individuals and families find solutions to life’s challenges. He envisioned an online “Hub” where people and help could connect. A place where people could find relevant, vetted information, share experiences and connect with local professionals who could help them navigate life’s challenges… Kinjunxion was born!