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Brittany has worked in the field of mental health and disabilities for a number of years. She has worked with individuals with serve psychological difficulties and specializes in youth with mental health difficulties. Brittany also provides support for caregivers of youth with mental health diagnosis. She understands what it is like to go through difficult times and not have someone to talk to or guide you in the right direction; which is why she has joined Kinjunxion. Brittany lives a very active lifestyle and grew up in competitive sports taking soccer into university in the USA. In her free time Brittany also enjoys photography, art and just relaxing on a beach.


School / Education: University of South Carolina - Psychology
Year Graduated: 2017

Additional Credentials

School / Education: Mohawk College - Mental Health and Disabilities
Year Graduated: 2018


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    1. Welcome to Kinjunxion!

      Welcome to Kinjunxion!

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