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I work at: I am currently working on my PhD at McMaster University and working at a youth centre.
I believe in working at the pace you set and making sure you feel validated and heard throughout the process.

I have experience providing direct counselling to youth, and survivors of intimate partner violence, trauma, racism, and sexual assault.

I am interested in learning about people’s histories to understand how they developed their current strengths, coping mechanisms, and self-image. I believe we are all an accumulation of our experiences and try to uncover how these past experiences affect our behaviours and reactions in the present.

Further, I am dedicated to providing non-judgmental active listening. I allow clients to direct their sessions. We can work on challenging distorted thoughts, finding other social services that work, journalling activities, mindfulness and grounding exercises, but if you just want to vent then I am also here to simply listen and validate.

I look forward to working with you and I hope I can provide you the support you need to meet your personal goals, whatever they may be.

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