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Survey Reveals That 6 In 10 Canadians Feel Overworked

A new survey conducted by Monster.ca concluded that 58% (6-in-10) of Canadians feel like they are overworked. Also, 25% of Canadians left their jobs due to work stress and 17%

Hearing Loss & Noise Exposure in Canada

Would you be able to tell if you started to lose your hearing?  Are you protecting your ears well enough? The ability to detect a change in your hearing depends

The Effectiveness of Your Birth Control

When choosing a birth control, the most important part is its effectiveness. People use birth control to control when they are willing and able to conceive a child, so using

Chances of Successful Sobriety

Relapse is something you don’t want to think about when trying to stay sober. You have made a commitment to quit a substance or habit that is harmful to yourself

Keeping an Eye on the Toronto Housing Market

The Toronto City housing market is not one that can be friendly to various types of buyers. Keeping an eye on the market to watch for profit on a sale

The Prevalence of Video Game Addictions in Youth

A lot of parents would say their child is addicted to video games, but there are actual stats showing just how prevalent video game addictions are in youth. In this

How Your Age Affects Your Fertility

When trying to conceiving, you need to know about your potential fertility. One key factor for fertility chances for conception is age. When you age your fertility chances decline, along

Popular Vacation Ideas Canadians Are Visiting

This report was put together by KAYAK, the leading travel search engine in the world.  By predicting how long and where Canadians will be travelling this holiday season KAYAK can

Statistics Canada on Parenting and Child Support After Separation or Divorce

In 2014, Statistics Canada published a 26 page report concerning the rate of divorce and the statistics the lay behind them in regards to the children of divorced parents. The

Anxiety Overtakes Depression as Most Common Mental Health Concern Among American Teens

            A recent New York Times article on the topic of the increasing prevalence of anxiety among American teenagers and university students suggests that anxiety

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