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54 Self Care / Self Help Ideas Toolkit

1. Avoid toxic people. 2. Learn not to feel selfish when you say “no.” 3. Take “should” out of your vocabulary. Stop feeling you “should” be doing things. 4. Take

Sustainability Toolkit

Unless you are one of those non-believes, it is no secret that we are currently experiencing a climate emergency. The temperature of our planet is shifting, causing more extreme weather,

How to Submit Content on Kinjunxion!

On the navigation bar, go to Content and select Submit   On the next page, you can submit, Events, Jobs or Recourse. Select the content type that you are submitting.

At, our mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and pursue lifelong recovery. We are here to help you

A Guide for Kids to Help Understand Separation and Divorce

When parents separate or divorce children wonder “What’s Next? While there are a lot of useful resources written for parents, this 64-page guide is written specifically for children 9-12 years

A Student Guide to Prevent, Manage & Cope with Stress

Everyone experience stress; that makes it normal and manageable right?  That depends; there are 3 types of stress as outlined in’s Student Guide to Surviving Stress and Anxiety in College

"KiVa": Anti-Bullying Guide For Parents

Listed below are the contents of the most effective anti-bullying program in the world, according to a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles. “KiVa,” is a research-based anti-bullying program

Standing Together Against Bullying

It can be said that bullying has been apart of society for a very long time. The influx of cyberbullying has brought bullying into a larger spotlight. The damaging effects

Health Canada’s Guide to becoming a non-smoker

With National Non-Smoking Week on the horizon, it’s important to begin to seek out information about how you can take action on putting together a plan to quit smoking. Health

Parenting Toddlers Made Easier? It’s not impossible!

If you are the parent of a toddler, are soon to be, or know someone who is, then this resource entitled Toddler’s First Steps: A Best Chance Guide to Parenting

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