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"How can a child aspire to a career they don't know exists? | Ed Hidalgo...

“Want to learn how the team at the world leader in next-generation wireless technologies, Qualcomm has to say about career development? Find out why the director of staffing, Ed Hidalgo,

10 Things Depression Makes Us Do

July 5th 2019 Psych2go Released this youtube video on 10 Things that depression makes us do. Did you know that  300 million people across the world of all ages also

What Is Mindfulness & How It Helps Anxiety

Another great video by one of my favourites, Julia Kristina! Do you understand what mindfulness is? Are you struggling with Anxiety? This is an amazing video with so much information

How To Not Take Things Personally

Do you struggle from taking things personally? In this video Julia talks about how NOT to take things personally. Very empowering, and informational video. Enjoy!

Congratulations your a dad! Now what? Here at Kinjunxion we know it can be both scary and exciting to have your first child. Have no fear! We got you covered with this video helping you

Speak Your Mind - Borderline Personality Disorder

In this video,  Dr. Carolyn Phelps PHD LP with the Human development centre and her surprise guests who work with those who struggle with BPD. Joanne Fairfeild, and Patty Olsen.

Must Watch Motivational Video- Fighting Depression and Loneliness  

Let's Talk About... Pansexuality - Vala Rogers

Want to learn a bit about pansexuality? Watch the video below.

Let's Talk About... Being Transgender - Colleen McTigue

Want to learn a bit about being transgender? Watch the video below.

Let's Talk About... Being a Parent to a Child who is Homosexual - Colette Bodogh...

Want to learn a bit about being a parent to a child who is homosexual? Watch the video below.

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