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Ted Talk: We don't "Move on" from grief. We move forward with it.

https://www.ted.com/talks/nora_mcinerny_we_don_t_move_on_from_grief_we_move_forward_with_it?language=en Nora McInerny discusses life and death and shares her wisdom on how to shift our approach on grief.

The Happiness Project For Women With ADHD: Free Webinar

This webinar is about women moving out of the shadows of undiagnosed ADHD and move towards their gifts, strengths and needs. Sari Solden gives strategies and support for the journey

Retirees who return to work: CLSA Webinar Series

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) is a long-term national study which intends to follow 50,000 Canadian men and women between the ages of 45 and 85 at the

How Children Disclose and Process Sexual Abuse Recorded Webinar

Carilion Children’s Outreach Education did a webinar in August about how children process and disclose sexual abuse. The recorded version is on YouTube. You can receive CME credit for watching the

Preventative Wellness: What is Functional Medicine? 

The main difference between ‘conventional’ medicine and ‘functional’ medicine is, conventional medicine is reactive and concentrates on curing symptoms, where functional medicine is focused on a ‘system based’ approach and

Online Parenting Classes

For the father to be, there are now classes you can take online to learn more about parenting! These courses include skills for helping with behavioral problems with your child

Landlord & Tenant Relationship - Rights, Responsibilities & Obligations of Both

The Landlord and Tenant relationships can combative, smooth or indifferent.  In this way, the relationship between a landlord and his/her tenant is like any other.  The difference between a landlord/tenant

Learn to be an Effective & Affective Care Giver

This is a video of a lecture entitled When the Body Says No — Caring for ourselves while caring for others by Dr Gabor Maté.  By watching this video we can

Nutrition and Older Adults - How Important is it? How to Improve it

Everyone one has heard of Canada’s Food Guide right?  The question becomes; should people of all ages eat the same prescribed amount and types of food?  For instance, foods like

Healing Shame Free Webinars

Do you ever feel ashamed? Or have low self-esteem and confidence? HealingShame.com offers free webinars (and more) for those who are struggling in those areas. Click here to find out

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