Video Games Addiction

Video Game use has been a common form of entertainment for many years. But at what point does Video Game use go from recreational enjoyment to an addiction? How much time playing video games is too much? Have you noticed that you, your child, family member or co-worker is starting to spend excessive amounts of time playing video games? The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto estimates that nearly 10 percent of students in Grades 7 to 12 in Ontario get seven or more hours of "screen time" each day, and of that group, just over 10 percent reported a video gaming problem. Similar to internet addiction, or gambling, video game addiction is described as an impulse control disorder, where video game user spends an abnormal amount of hours playing video games, to the point where it impacts daily life, including work, school, family and/or relationships. Regardless of the number of hours spent playing, any unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back or stop video game use could signal a problem. We are here to help. If you aren’t sure if video game use has turned into abuse, or if you have questions or concerns about video game addiction, take a look through the resources listed below.

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Game Addiction

An eleven-year-old boy strangled an elderly woman for the equivalent of five dollars in 2007, then buried her body under a thin layer of sand. He told the police that he needed the money to play online videogames. Just a month later, an eight-year-old.


My Journey into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction

WARNING: THIS VIDEO GAME MAY IMPAIR YOUR JUDGMENT. IT MAY CAUSE SLEEP DEPRIVATION, ALIENATION OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY, WEIGHT LOSS OR GAIN, NEGLECT OF YOUR BASIC NEEDS AS WELL AS THE NEEDS OF LOVED ONES AND/OR DEPENDENTS, AND DECREASED PERFORMANCE ON THE JOB. THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY MAY BECOME BLURRED. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SUICIDE ATTEMPTS. No such warning was included on the latest and greatest release from the Warcraft series of massive multiplayer online role-playing games—World of Warcraft (WoW). So when Ryan Van Cleave—a college professor, husband, father, and one of the 11.5 million Warcraft subscribers worldwide—found himself teetering on the edge of the Arlington Memorial Bridge, he had no one to blame but himself. He had neglected his wife and children and had jeopardized his livelihood, all for the rush of living a life of high adventure in a virtual world. A fabulously written and gripping tale, Unplugged takes you on a journey through the author's semireclusive life with video games at the center of his experiences. Even when he was sexually molested by a young school teacher at age eleven, it was the promise of a new video game that had lured him to her house. As Ryan's life progresses, we witness the evolution of video games—from simple two-button consoles to today's multikey technology, brilliantly designed to keep the user actively participating. For Ryan, the virtual world was a siren-song he couldn't ignore, no matter the cost. As is the case with most recovering addicts, Ryan eventually hit rock bottom and shares with you his ongoing battle to control his impulses to play, providing prescriptive advice and resources for those caught in the grip of this very real addiction.

Video Game Addiction

A New Mexico woman, occupied for weeks with playing online games, was convicted of second-degree murder and child abandonment after allowing her three and a half-year-old daughter to die of malnutrition and dehydration. A Philadelphia man was convicted of third-degree murder for killing his 17-month old daughter in a rage over a broken Xbox. In 2005, one study estimated that 40% of the players of World of Warcraft, were addicted. Unfortunately, the number of these addictions is growing exponentially in most countries. This book addresses the history, symptoms, causes, and available treatment for "video game overuse." It examines numerous case studies and provides resources from several countries including the US, China, South Korea, and the UK. Features • Questions and answers about the medical definition/description of the condition; the source/causes; details of symptoms; available cure/treatment; and societal issues or public opinion such as legal issues, social/psychological ramifications, etc. • Case studies from both the physician and patient perspectives • Animations, figures, and photos to support, explain topics under discussion. In electronic versions these items are integrated as hyperlinks and “pop-ups” throughout the text • Resources including Web sites, articles, blogs, and books that offer additional information on each subject • Includes a companion DVD with animations, color figures from the book, Web links, animations, etc.

Control the Controller

Understanding and Resolving Video Game Addiction

Control the Controller looks at how gaming and addiction have come together so rapidly in recent years. Mobile-based gaming and free-to-play games have revolutionized the gaming world. But, what are the implications of this? How does it affect the current thinking on addiction? The book addresses gamers, their families, mental health professionals, and game developers in this thorough and fascinating discussion of the nature of video game addiction. Many questions are answered, including how we can recognize a gaming addiction, what causes it, and what we can do to return an addict to healthy behavior. A step-by-step process for this is outlined, making the book an invaluable title for all who are affected by video game addiction and all those who encounter it. *** "...counselor and psychotherapist Ciaran O'Connor draws upon years of experience and expertise in working with gamers and games designers to cogently address one of the growing social issues of the modern digital world -- the use and abuse of computer gaming. Exceptionally well written, organized and presented...strongly recommended addition to professional and academic library collections. - Midwest Book Review, MBR Bookwatch, Dunford's Bookshelf, January 2015 *** "This is a focused and well done book. ...For those not familiar with the designing of video games and their different genres, this book can be very helpful. ...It does an excellent job of detailing the strategies that can be used to assist people and, also addresses the challenges that can be found when dealing with addictive individuals with their resistances and cognitive distortions." - Journal of Child & Family Behaviour Therapy, 2015 [Subject: Mental Health, Addictive Behavior, Psychology]~

Hooked on Games

The Lure and Cost of Video Game and Internet Addiction

"As is true with many addictions, overuse of video games steals our valuable and limited time and minds." - Christie Morse, MD (Pediatric Ophthalmologist) "Shocking insights into the minds of hardcore gamers." - Daniel Hunt (Former Competitive Gamer) About the Book The multi-billion dollar video game industry is in the business of creating fun and enticing games that can be addictive. As addicted gamers feast on digital indulgences, real life is neglected and their reality crumbles around them. Headlines related to video games "New Mexico mom gets 25 years for starving daughter." - Fox News "China used prisoners in lucrative Internet gaming work." - Guardian News "Online gamer killed for selling virtual weapon." - Sydney Morning Herald "South Korean dies after games sessions." - BBC News Hooked on Games is written by Brooke Strickland and Andrew Doan, MD, PhD, a physician with a research background in neuroscience, who battled his own addictions with video games. Dr. Doan was an addicted gamer, who at his peak, invested over 20,000 hours of playing games over a period of nine years. Dr. Doan's reckless compulsion to play games transformed him into a monster that almost destroyed his family, marriage, and career. He shares his expertise to educate others on the dangers of video game addiction and to provide hope for video game addicts and their families. Dr. Doan shares steps for gaming addicts to achieve recovery and steps for families and loved ones to intervene. Without attention to this quickest growing addiction, our society will suffer from the creation of Generation Vidiot, millions of people devoid of innovation and skills to live in the physical world.

Cyber Junkie

Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap

Recovering video game addict Kevin Roberts offers a step-by-step guide to recovery for those struggling with compulsive video gaming and Internet surfing. Recovering video game addict Kevin Roberts offers a step-by-step guide to recovery for those struggling with compulsive video gaming and internet surfing. Video gaming and Internet surfing are the top sources of entertainment for tens of millions of North Americans today. As these technologies continue to grow and flourish, so does the number of people becoming obsessively absorbed in the imagination and fantasy that they present. More and more people are isolating themselves, turning their backs on reality, ignoring family and friends, and losing their sleep and even their jobs due to excessive use of video games and the Internet--and they continue to do so despite harmful consequences to their mental, physical, and spiritual health, a telltale sign of addiction.In this groundbreaking book, recovering video game addict Kevin Roberts uses extensive scientific and social research, complemented by his and others' personal stories, to give compulsive gamers and surfers--and their family and friends--a step-by-step guide for recovery. He outlines the ways that "cyber junkies" exhibit the classic signs of addiction and reveals how they can successfully recover by following a program similar to those used for other addictions. Readers learn to identify whether they have an addiction, find the right resources to get individualized help, and regain a rewarding life away from the screen by learning new thoughts and behaviors that free them from the cravings that rule their lives. Included is a guide for parents for working with their addicted children.

Video Game Addiction

A Parent's Guide to Freeing Your Child from the Grip of Video Game Addiction

Video games can be quite entertaining for children as well as the whole family, given the right circumstances. Studies have shown that kids who play certain kind of games appropriate to their age at moderate levels suffer from little to no harm at all. However, when a child becomes more engrossed in video games than other interests, it's easy to become concerned as a parent, especially if the obsession lasts longer than what might be considered just a 'passing phase.' As you probably already know, video game addiction is a real problem, with real consequences. This book was written to help you identify whether your child is suffering from an actual addiction, or whether he or she is simply passionate about playing video games. You will be provided with practical insight into properly addressing your child's current level of exposure to video games, thereby preventing or remedying a possible addiction. Much like other types of addictions, approaching the situation appropriately is crucial because taking the wrong approach could prove to be just as problematic as the addiction itself. The good news is, no matter how far along the addiction is, there are numerous ways to intervene and get your child back on the right path. So what are you waiting for? Grab this book now, and let's get started!

Video Games & Your Kids

How Parents Stay in Control

Video Games & Your Kids is for parents who are worried that their children may be spending too much time playing video games. Based on research and the authors' clinical experience, the book explains what gaming addiction is, how much gaming is too much, and the affects gaming has on the body and brain. The authors give gaming advice on each stage of life; birth-2 years, ages 2-6, elementary school years, adolescence, and adult children still living at home. Where there is a problem, the authors provide parents with tools that will help the them successfully set appropriate limits for their children.

Playstation Nation

Protect Your Child from Video Game Addiction

When Olivia Bruner saw video games overtaking her young sons' lives, she decided to learn the facts behind addiction. What she found was shocking: that most games are designed to be highly addictive-triggering physiological reactions in the brain similar to those associated with substance abuse-and that one out of five kids becomes addicted to computer and video games. And while many parents screen the content of games to protect their children from violent and sexual themes, few understand the forces causing their children to become hooked on the "digital drug." This book arms parents with the facts they need and concrete steps to protect our children from this very real epidemic. A must-read for all parents.

Glow Kids

How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids-and How to Break the Trance

We’ve all seen them: kids hypnotically staring at glowing screens in restaurants, in playgrounds and in friends' houses—and the numbers are growing. Like a virtual scourge, the illuminated glowing faces—the Glow Kids—are multiplying. But at what cost? Is this just a harmless indulgence or fad like some sort of digital hula-hoop? Some say that glowing screens might even be good for kids—a form of interactive educational tool. Don’t believe it. In Glow Kids, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras will examine how technology—more specifically, age-inappropriate screen tech, with all of its glowing ubiquity—has profoundly affected the brains of an entire generation. Brain imaging research is showing that stimulating glowing screens are as dopaminergic (dopamine activating) to the brain’s pleasure center as sex. And a growing mountain of clinical research correlates screen tech with disorders like ADHD, addiction, anxiety, depression, increased aggression, and even psychosis. Most shocking of all, recent brain imaging studies conclusively show that excessive screen exposure can neurologically damage a young person’s developing brain in the same way that cocaine addiction can. Kardaras will dive into the sociological, psychological, cultural, and economic factors involved in the global tech epidemic with one major goal: to explore the effect all of our wonderful shiny new technology is having on kids. Glow Kids also includes an opt-out letter and a "quiz" for parents in the back of the book.


The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked

"An urgent and expert investigation into behavioral addiction, the dark flipside of today's unavoidable digital technologies, and how we can turn the tide to regain control. Behavioral addiction may prove to be one of the most important fields of social, medical, and psychological research in our lifetime. The idea that behaviors can be being addictive is new, but the threat is near universal. Experts are just beginning to acknowledge that we are all potential addicts. Adam Alter, a professor of psychology and marketing at NYU, is at the cutting edge of research into what makes these products so compulsive, and he documents the hefty price we're likely to pay if we continue blindly down our current path. People have been addicted to substances for thousands of years, but for the past two decades, we've also been hooked on technologies, such as Instagram, Netflix, and Facebook--inventions that we've adopted because we assume they'll make our lives better. These inventions have profound upsides, but their extraordinary appeal isn't an accident. Technology companies and marketers have teams of engineers and researchers devoted to keeping us engaged. They know how to push our buttons, and how to coax us into using their products for hours, days, and weeks on end. Tracing the very notion of addiction through history right up until the present day, Alter shows that we're only just beginning to understand the epidemic of behavioral addiction gripping society. He takes us inside the human brain at the very moment we score points on a smartphone game, or see that someone has liked a photo we've posted on Instagram. But more than that, Alter heads the problem off at the pass, letting us know what we can do to step away from the screen. He lays out the options we have address this problem before it truly consumes us. After all, who among us has struggled to ignore the ding of a new email, the next episode in a TV series, or the desire to play a game just one more time? Adam Alter's previous book, Drunk Tank Pink:And Other Unexpected Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behaveis available in paperback from Penguin"--

Video Game Addiction

The Cure to the Game Addiction

Everyone knows what video games are. We are immersed in a culture that has continued to foster the idea of playing games for entertainment and now even for advancement. Many aspects of life can be gamified and turned into a game we play on a screen. Certainly, this has a positive side: it offers a strong motivation to better oneself in ways that may otherwise be difficult to find motivation for (such as learning a second language). Video games can also offer a path out of the Kingdom of Boredom for the players. Plenty of hours of fun can be had for children and adults alike while playing games. With the advent of in-game purchases, we can even use the money we make at our real jobs to buy virtual goods, pushing the world of the video game further and further into the real world. We, humanity, have sufficiently solved the problems of day-to-day survival and hence we can afford to spend hours playing with virtual worlds whose only true connection to ours is in our minds and in the arrangement of the electrons and atoms on sticks and discs in some underground server farm somewhere in the world. To the ancients, our world would look a paradise. Surely this development in human culture has a positive side.

Game Design

Role-Playing Games

Video Editing

Video Game Design

Video Game Development

Console Gaming

The Future of Video Games


Video Game Tournaments

iOS Game Development

Burlington Chess Club - Mailing Address

Nonprofit club whose members meet to play recreational and competitive chess

Burlington Lawn Bowling Club - Central Park

Lawn bowling programs include:
* competitive and recreational
* instruction provided
* bowls may be rented
* free no-obligation workshops for new bowlers are offered in May

Canusa Games

A non-profit organization provides area youth a chance to participate in international friendship Games between Hamilton, Ontario and Flint, Michigan.

Roselawn Lawnbowling Club

A lawn bowling club, located in Gage Park.

Hamilton City Chess Club

Offers opportunity to play in rated chess events across Canada, including the requisite CFC membership available to children and adults. The CFC organizes qualification events for Canadians to compete for world titles and events.

Oakville Lawn Bowling Club

The club offers four types of bowling:
* casual
* jitney
* competitive
* youth program * ages 7-16 years

* potential members are welcome to free lessons in May prior to deciding whether to join

Dundas Lawn Bowling Association

A group affiliated with the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association.

Oakville Gamers

An informal drop-in group.
* plays card and board games
* choice of games changes

Ladies Marathon Bridge Club of Oakville - Mailing Address

* games played twice per month at members' homes Sep-Apr
* year end lunch May

Competitive Scrabble Club

Scrabble Club for competitive players

Ancaster Municipal Lawn Bowling Club

Lawn bowling for all ages * New members always welcome

Grimsby Lawn Bowling Club, The

There are eight rinks with regulation ditches and play is feasible North/South or East/West. Lighting for nighttime games. Facilities of the Senior's auditorium are available to the club for functions, and carpet bowling is an option during winter months. Offers free coaching.

Seating area and clubhouse that gives players and visitors a chance to watch the games and socialize.