A tutor is a teacher or instructor who gives private lessons in a particular topic or field. Often, parents seek the help of a tutor if their child is having difficulty with one or more subjects at school. Also, a tutor could help with extracurricular learning, for instance, with a musical instrument, or sport skills. Typically tutors work independently, and outside of the school setting. They can work in a tutoring center, or, often, will come to a child's home. The cost of a tutor can vary greatly depending on the subject, the tutor’s credentials and experience, and the amount of time needed for tutoring. It's important to note that individuals can become tutors without specific training, so asking for information about their experience, and even references, can help you choose the right tutor for your needs. Is your child having difficulties with a certain subject at school? Or are you simply looking to enrich the learning they are doing during the day with extra time with a tutor? Would your child benefit from additional practice in sports, music, or art? Hiring a tutor might be a great solution, and we can help you find options within your community.

You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.

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Proceedings of the 5th Annual Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) Users Symposium (GIFTSym5)

This is the fifth year we have been able to capture the research and development efforts related to the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) community which at the writing of these proceedings has well over 1000 users in over 65 countries. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish with the help of our user community. These proceedings are intended to document the evolutions of GIFT as a tool for the authoring of intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) and the evaluation of adaptive instructional tools and methods.

Tutoring: Complete Home Business Guide

A Survey of Tutoring Projects

Teaching, Tutoring and Training in the Lifelong Learning Sector

This core text provides comprehensive support for pre-service and in-service trainee teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector covering all they need to know to achieve QTLS status. Supporting trainees through all stages of their professional development, the text takes the reader through the theoretical background underpinning teaching and learning and offers practical guidance on day-to-day challenges. This fourth edition has been fully revised and updated and includes a new chapter on teaching practice with notes on observation and lesson planning. New information on behaviour management has been added to support trainees in an aspect of teaching that many find challenging.

Blended Learning and Online Tutoring

Planning Learner Support and Activity Design

Blended learning provides the flexibility to accommodate the varied requirements of pedagogies, disciplines and levels of course, together with the needs of a wide variety of learners. However, anyone concerned with the integration of online tutoring to support students appropriately may need to reassess current practice. This book adopts a pragmatic and common-sense approach to blended learning by situating the use of online media within a well-grounded teaching and learning strategy. It provides practical ideas for the successful implementation of blended strategies, including good practice in both asynchronous and synchronous tutoring, appropriate assessment design for developing successful blended learners, and innovative approaches to professional development for distance tutors. It is illustrated with a wide variety of examples and comments from students and practitioners in both distance and campus-based environments in 13 different countries. Since the first edition was published in 2006, there has been great interest in Web 2.0 technologies and their potential for use in an educational environment. This second edition has therefore incorporated many new examples of good practice, making use of a combination of tried and tested tools as well as blogs and wikis for supporting students. There has also been a recent rise in the use of activity-based learning and interest in its potential for supporting students in distance and online environments. The new edition incorporates many new exemplars of learning activity design in Part Three, to illustrate approaches to the development of critical, independent learners.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Evolutions in Design

This is a collection of essays on issues related to the evolutionary design and the practical future of intelligent tutoring systems. Following in the tradition of Foundations of Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Lessons Learned, this volume examines some of the visions and near-term issues that have been further explored and better defined since those groundbreaking books first appeared. Questions addressed in this volume include: *How can knowledge bases generate explanations? *Will case-based reasoning techniques be worth pursuing in the ITS framework? *Will high performance skills be successfully taught in an ITS design? *Are there dimensions of ITS design which the research laboratories are ignoring, and ignoring at the customer's peril? Of particular importance to those engaged in research and development, this book will be of value to all who wish to apprise themselves of the advances being made in the rapidly evolving field of intelligent tutoring systems.

Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring System - Volume 5: Assessment Methods

This book is the fifth in a planned series of books that examine key topics (e.g., learner modeling, instructional strategies, authoring, domain modeling, assessment, impact on learning, team tutoring, machine learning, and potential standards) in intelligent tutoring system (ITS) design through the lens of the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) (Sottilare, Brawner, Goldberg & Holden, 2012; Sottilare, Brawner, Sinatra, & Johnston, 2017). GIFT is a modular, service-oriented architecture created to reduce the cost and skill required to author ITSs, manage instruction within ITSs, and evaluate the effect of ITS technologies on learning, performance, retention, transfer of skills, and other instructional outcomes. Along with this volume, the first four books in this series, Learner Modeling (ISBN 978-0-9893923-0-3), Instructional Management (ISBN 978-0-9893923-2-7), Authoring Tools (ISBN 978-0-9893923-6-5) and Domain Modeling (978-0-9893923-9-6) are freely available at www.GIFTtutoring.org and on Google Play.

Foundations of Intelligent Tutoring Systems

This collection of essays -- each of which treats an integral aspect of the field -- defines several key concepts and their interrelationships, outlines basic research issues, and discusses near-term applications projects. The book examines three foundations of ITSs in detail -- expert, student diagnostic, and instructional or curricular knowledge -- and describes: * How they are embodied in computer-assisted instructional environments * How these systems accrue the advantages of advanced computer interface technologies * How ITSs will emerge in the real world of complex problem solving * How researchers must learn to evaluate the effectiveness and overall quality of these dynamic systems in a world where machine tutoring may one day be taken for granted. Justine Wise Polier (1903-1987) was educated at Bryn Mawr, Radcliffe, and Barnard. She earned her law degree from Yale Law School where she was editor of the Yale Law Journal. In 1935, she was appointed Justice of the Family Court where she sat for 38 years. Judge Polier took a leave from the bench in 1941 when she was appointed special advisor to Eleanor Roosevelt at the Office of Civilian Defense in Washington. She also served as Chairman of the Committee on Mental Health for New York. Judge Polier was a founder and president of the Wiltwyck School; vice president of the Citizens Committee for Children of N.Y.; vice president of the American Jewish Congress; Delegate to the White House Conferences on Children and on Education. Judge Polier was a member of the Institute of Judicial Administration, American Bar Association. She was on the editorial board of the International Juridical Association and was awarded the 1964 Isaac Ray Award by the American Psychiatric Association for "contributions to the improvement of the relations of Law and Psychiatry." Following her retirement from the bench, she served as the director of the Juvenile Judge division of the Children's Defense Fund. During her illustrious career, Judge Polier was the recipient of numerous awards including: the Citation for Distinguished Service to the City of New York, 1973; the Human Services Award from the New York and Bronx Mental Health Association, 1973; the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award from the Board of Directors of Wiltwyck School, 1975. Judge Polier also published numerous reports and several books including: Everyone's Children, Nobody's Child; Back to What Woodshed?; A View from the Bench; and The Rule of Law and the Role of Psychiatry.

Tutoring Adolescent Literacy Learners

A Guide for Volunteers

Filling a key need among educators and literacy volunteers, this is the first hands-on guide for tutoring students with literacy difficulties in grades 6-12. Grounded in the most current literacy research, the book reflects the authors' 25+ years of combined experience working with tutoring programs. Every page features practical ideas for carrying out the entire process of tutoring: assessing teenagers' strengths, weaknesses, and interests; selecting appropriate, engaging materials; and fostering development in comprehension, word study, fluency, and composition. Special features include concrete examples and activities from over 20 tutors; a Q&A chapter on dealing with frequently encountered problems; and reproducible planning forms in a large, ready-to-use format.

Advances in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

May the Forcing Functions be with You: The Stimulating World of AIED and ITS Research It is my pleasure to write the foreword for Advances in Intelligent Tutoring S- tems. This collection, with contributions from leading researchers in the field of artificial intelligence in education (AIED), constitutes an overview of the many challenging research problems that must be solved in order to build a truly intel- gent tutoring system (ITS). The book not only describes some of the approaches and techniques that have been explored to meet these challenges, but also some of the systems that have actually been built and deployed in this effort. As discussed in the Introduction (Chapter 1), the terms “AIED” and “ITS” are often used int- changeably, and there is a large overlap in the researchers devoted to exploring this common field. In this foreword, I will use the term “AIED” to refer to the - search area, and the term “ITS” to refer to the particular kind of system that AIED researchers build. It has often been said that AIED is “AI-complete” in that to produce a tutoring system as sophisticated and effective as a human tutor requires solving the entire gamut of artificial intelligence research (AI) problems.

Book Buddies, Second Edition

A Tutoring Framework for Struggling Readers

This popular, practical resource provides guidelines for setting up a successful tutorial program in grades K-3 and presents a field-tested lesson format for individualized instruction. Clear explanations and examples demonstrate how to use the book's wealth of activities and exercises to assess students and build specific reading, writing, and spelling skills. Adding greatly to the second edition's utility is an included 70-minute DVD depicting sample sessions with a beginning reader and a late beginning reader. (E-book purchasers do not receive a DVD but can view the videos online.) Also included are a helpful glossary, a resource list, and more than two dozen reproducible tutoring tools. New to This Edition *Videos of sample tutoring sessions--the print book comes with a DVD; e-book purchasers can access the videos online. *Reflects current research, the authors' ongoing experience in Book Buddies programs, and tutor feedback. *Recommendations for working with English language learners have been added throughout. *A chapter on transitional readers offers a tutoring plan for children reading at the first-grade level and beyond. *Many of the figures and lesson plans are new or revised.

Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Authoring Tools and Expert Modeling Techniques

Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) explores the impact of intelligent tutoring system design on education and training. Specifically, this volume examines “Authoring Tools and Expert Modeling Techniques”. The “Design Recommendations book series examines tools and methods to reduce the time and skill required to develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems with the goal of improving the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT). GIFT is a modular, service-oriented architecture developed to capture simplified authoring techniques, promote reuse and standardization of ITSs along with automated instructional techniques and effectiveness evaluation capabilities for adaptive tutoring tools and methods.

Yoruba Tutoring

Spanish Tutoring

Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Spanish Tutor

Math Tutoring




Science Tutoring

Affordable Tutoring

General Topics and Information - Halton Region - Subject Tutoring and Homework Help Programs - Burlington

This topic record provides a listing of subject tutoring and homework help programs available to Burlington residents, and acts as an index to related individual records in this directory
* this list may not be complete
* for additional assistance contact your local school

Subject Tutoring:
Appleby College, Newcomers Tutoring Program, for more information see here
* non-profit program for students aged 8-14 who require service and have lived in Canada for less than 4 years
* free

Brain Power Learning Centre, for more information see here
* provides tutoring and high school exam preparation for students 6 years and up
* program fees

Chisholm Academy, for more information see here
* non profit organization offers special education services to students in grades 7-12 who require remediation, tutoring, accommodations or modifications to their programs
* program fees (limited number of scholarships available based on financial need * fee assistance available)

Safetynet Children and Youth Charities, for more information see here
* non profit offers free tutoring for children or youth who are struggling with their academics
* free, but requires an agency or self referral

TVO ILC, TVO Mathify, for more information see here
* non profit online service that provides after school math support to math students grades 7-10 (must attend a publicly funded English school board)
* free

Homework Help Programs:
North BurLINKton Community Group Neighbourhood Project, for more information see here
* non profit after-school program that provides homework help, healthy snacks and activities for elementary school children
* free

ROCK Our Community Cares Burloak Community Centre Site, for more information see here
* non profit program provides a homework club for children and youth
* program fee (fee assistance available)

ROCK Our Community Cares Warrick/Surrey Community Centre Site, for more information see here
* non profit program provides a homework club for children and youth
* program fee (fee assistance available)

Appleby College - Newcomers Tutoring Program

Program provides a tutoring service for newcomers to Canada and aims to help children through homework completion and skill support.

Halton Music Academy and Tutoring Association - Halton Music Academy Association - Mailing Address

Music instructors and tutors are professionally trained to teach according to student's learning ability.
* offers scholarships and training for world performance opportunities and musical career planning
* private instruction for blind and challenged students
* one-on-one brain enhancement program * Down Syndrome * dementia * Parkinson's
* group lessons
* uses European method of theory

* individual or small groups
* private instruction for mentally and physically challenged students grade one and up
* career planning

Sylvan Learning Centre of Hamilton

Provides supplemental education programs in reading, writing, math, and other subjects for students in grade levels from junior kindergarten to grade 12.

Dyslexia Resource Centre

Offers tutoring service for adults and children with dyslexia, one-to-one multi-sensory tutoring, and tutoring to address a dyslexic learning profile.

Summit College - Hamilton Campus

Adult education including accommodations and programs for injured students. Career-specific training and individualized tutoring programs for pre-school, elementary, high school, college and university exam preparation.

OnCOURSE Education

Tutoring all ages and grades as well as adult education, specializes in working with those with learning disabilities.
Our programs include:
* Expert Tutoring in all subjects
* High School Credits. Flexible schedules, customized learning
* Exam Preparation & Study Skills
* Support & Advocacy for students with special needs
* Adult Education & Training
* Academic & Guidance Counselling

Tech Tutor 4 Seniors - Mobile Service

Tutors provide set-up, training, and ongoing support to older adults for technology products including apps * iPads * iPhones * laptops * smartphones * tablets
* support Windows and MAC operating systems
* individual or group lessons
* location flexible

St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education - Adult High School Diploma Program, Hamilton East - 770 Main St - Hamilton East - 770 Main St

Courses designed for adult learners who want to complete their high school diploma * focus on reading, writing, mathematics, and social sciences.
Courses Offered:
* English as a Second Language (ESL)
* Academic Upgrading (LBS)
* Literacy Instruction for Newcomers (LINC)

* St Charles Adult Education Centres and Programs are located throughout the City of Hamilton.

LTL Tutoring Central

Tutoring in academic areas that include English, mathematics, ESL, study skills and strategies.
* online classes available
* identified students welcome (IEP program, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, Down Syndrome, etc)

Six Nations Polytechnic - Homework Support - Ohsweken - Fourth Line

Homework assistance for youth in grades 5-12 in all subject areas * support for homework assignments and projects through individual and/or group tutoring * use of computer programs for math, science, and literacy

Monthly mini-workshops for students on:
* time management
* organizational skills
* use of agendas
* pre-planning for assignments

St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education - Adult High School Diploma Program, Hamilton East - 770 Main St - Hamilton East - 770 Main St

Courses designed for adult learners who want to complete their high school diploma * focus on reading, writing, mathematics, and social sciences.
Courses Offered:
* English as a Second Language (ESL)
* Academic Upgrading (LBS)
* Literacy Instruction for Newcomers (LINC)

* St Charles Adult Education Centres and Programs are located throughout the City of Hamilton.