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All students should have every opportunity to gain as many benefits from their school experience as possible. In order for students to be successful and thrive, they require help and support from their teachers, family, and classmates. Some students may have additional specific or special needs that require additional support beyond what is typically received in a school setting. These children may experience challenges relating to emotional, visual, language, speech, hearing, and behavioural needs. Special needs support may include changes to the educational program or curriculum or changes to appropriate grade level expectations for their age. Canada has a very inclusive approach to children with special needs, and by law, all schools in Canada are required to have a special education program. However, depending on your child’s diagnosis, physical and/ or mental capabilities, Special Needs Schools and alternative education centres may be able to provide additional provisions for your child, be better equipped, or have teachers specifically trained in various areas of Special Needs education. Are you looking for the best school in your area to provide Special Needs assistance for your child? Or are you wondering if your child qualifies for additional help and support in their school setting? We know making decisions about your child’s education can be tough, and if they have Special Needs, you have even more to consider. We can help.

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An insight into turning a post-secondary diploma/degree into a career.

Education & Children with Special Needs

From Segregation to Inclusion

This important book discusses the principles and practice of moving from segregated education to integration and then inclusion in the context of educating children with disabilities in present day India. The actions to be taken are examined at two levels: the level of the system and that of the school. The contributors accordingly discuss a number of important issues including legislative measures, administrative and financial support, equality of opportunities, teacher training, classroom organisation, curriculum modification and parental involvement. Examples of inclusive schooling at work are also provided.

Education Of Children With Special Needs

The book is a comprehensive one on children education of special needs. It discusses education of children with visual impairment, with hearing impairment, with mental retardation, with learning disabilities, with orthopaedic disabilities, including administration and organization of special education.

Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs

Inclusive Education Is A Worldwide Movement Aiming To Create One Education System That Values All Children To Devise A Classroom That Welcomes All Children Irrespective Of Disability, Community Background, Sexuality, Ethnic Background Etc. The Current Conceptualization Of Children With Special Needs Has Replaced The Negative Labels Of The Past Which Called Disabled Children As Lame, Crippled, Less Fortunate Or Mentally Retarded. The Modern Concept Consider Such Children As Unique Whose Uniqueness May Be Noticed In One Or The Other Dimensions Vision, Hearing, Communication, Adaptive Behaviour, Etc. Researches Are Being Conducted Across The World So That Inclusive Education Can Be Made More Adequate And Thereby Prove More Useful.The Present Book Is A Complete Treatise On Inclusive Education With Particular Emphasis On Children With Special Needs. It Seeks To Find Out How Information/Findings From Researches On Inclusion Can Be Employed To Influence Inclusive Practices In Classrooms In A Positive Way. It Provides Useful Tips And Strategies To Those Who Need To Know As To Why, Whom And How To Include Children With Special Needs In Regular Classroom Activities. The Facts And Findings Stated In This Book In The Form Of Tables, Pictures, Boxes And Small But Separate Sections Will Prove Comprehensible Inputs For School Reforms And Reorganizations To Achieve Full Inclusion. A Detailed Bibliography Has Been Included In The Book To Enable The Inquisitive Readers To Pursue The Subject Further. The Students And Research Scholars Of Education Will Find This Book Highly Useful. In Addition, The Planners, Administrators, Functionaries Of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan And Social Workers Will Consider It Extremely Informative.

Special Needs Education

Children with Exceptionalities

Joseph Walser provides the first examination of Nagarjuna's life and writings in the context of the religious and monastic debates of the second century CE. Walser explores how Nagarjuna secured the canonical authority of Mahayana teachings and considers his use of rhetoric to ensure the transmission of his writings by Buddhist monks. Drawing on close textual analysis of Nagarjuna's writings and other Buddhist and non-Buddhist sources, Walser offers an original contribution to the understanding of Nagarjuna and the early history of Buddhism.

Including Children with Special Needs

A Handbook for Educators and Parents

Thirteen contributors address some of the issues involved when integrating the special needs child into all facets of school life.

Vygotsky and Special Needs Education

Rethinking Support for Children and Schools


School Success for Children with Special Needs

Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Child Learn

A new book in the Knowledge Essential series, School Success for Children with Special Needs offers parents a guide for understanding and navigating the often–confusing special education system to ensure that your child gets the best education possible. It tells you: How to know if your child has a physical, learning, or emotional disability How the latest changes to the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) effect your child′s education How to help formulate your child′s Individual Family Services Plan (IFSP) or Individualized Education Program (IEP) Information on the many ways schools and teachers can accommodate for children with disabilities How to assess our child′s progress How can you help your child be successful at school and in life by reinforcing basic skills at every age How to plan for transitioning your child to the wider world The kind of paperwork you can expect to encounter

Child Care & Special Needs Education in Nigeria

Education Of Children With Special Needs

Schools for Special Needs

A Complete Guide

The definitive guide to special needs education in the UK, fully revised and updated for this new edition. Special needs provision has changed rapidly in recent years, as awareness of different conditions has grown. An increasing emphasis on the importance of meeting the individual, often complex, needs of each child has meant that finding the right school is increasingly complicated for parents and their supporting professionals. Schools for Special Needs explains the system and the application/selection processes involved, and offers parents comprehensive independent advice on all the important areas. It offers authoritative and practical advice on how to identify the need for special education and how to make the right choices. With details of over 2000 establishments and guidance from experts in all sectors of special education, this book is an indispensable aid to all those (professionals and laypeople) investigating the legal and practical aspects of ensuring suitable educational provision for children and young people at all stages of education.

Educating Young Children with Special Needs

It is an easy book to read and has the merit of combining in a balanced way the broad theoretical background of early years education with a practical approach providing information addressed to practitioners' - "Education Studies " The book abounds with practical suggestions for developing children's knowledge and skills in various domains. It presents concisely the rationale for an ethical approach to working with young children and their families which emphasizes genuine collaboration between professionals and parents as well as involving children in their learning. The book deserves to be a well-thumbed text for individuals and a copy should be in any professional library' - "Support for Learning " I am very impressed with Educating Children with Special Needs in which Louise Porter uses her psychological perspectives to give a sound overview of the important problem areas and practices of the field, and describes a large number of procedures through which teaching and other forms of support can be effectively individualized. Overall this is an excellent book which merits, and should receive, a wide readership among special educators, early childhood teachers and the many professional who are interested in and may practice in this field' - "The Psychology of Education Review " In scope and spread this book deserves to become a standard text for policy makers, practitioners, those in training and their tutors. I welcome this book for its coverage of typical and atypical development in young children and its emphasis upon an ethical and principled approach to working with young children and their families' - "Professor Sheila Wolfendale, Director of the Doctorate in Educational Psychology programme, University of East London " Most young children with additional educational needs are enrolled in their local childcare centre or pre-school. Whether they have delayed or advanced skills, many will need extra support from teachers and childcare workers so that they can participate fully in these settings. Educating Young Children with Special Needs is a comprehensive guide to working with these children. It outlines how to recognize when young children have atypical needs, individualize relevant programmes for them, and make sure that they can participate socially with other children in the group. It highlights the importance of teachers' and caregivers' responsiveness both to the children and their parents. Individual chapters explain how to identify and meet the additional needs of children with vision or hearing impairments and those with difficulties acquiring motor, daily living, communication or intellectual skills. The emphasis is on assisting those with mild to moderate difficulties in any of these domains. The particular needs of gifted children are also explored. Educating Young Children with Special Needs is a valuable professional reference and student text for childcare workers and pre-school teachers.

Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book

What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child's Education

Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book: What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child's Education is a unique handbook that teaches parents how to work with schools to achieve optimal learning situations and accommodations for their child's needs.

childrens education

Special Needs for Adults

Special Needs Parents

Lynwood Charlton Centre - Children with Complex Needs Program

This program provides case management, service coordination and behaviour management support for children with complex needs, including those with a dual diagnosis (development delay and mental health), and is provided in conjunction with its service partners.

Halton District School Board - Special Education Advisory Committee - Burlington - New St

A special advisory committee which provides specific information, advice and assistance to parents/guardians whose children may require additional support.

* makes recommendations to HDSB on special education programs and services
* meetings open to parents and interested parties

Central West Specialized Developmental Services - Halton Wraparound and Seniors Wraparound - Oakville - Main Office

A process available to adults and seniors with a developmental disability who reside in Halton
  • partners communities with individuals with complex needs to enhance their lives by creating strength-based plans
  • focuses on: the strengths of the individual, family and typical needs of people's lives (financial, residential, behavioural)
  • all services and supports tailored to the unique values and cultural needs of individuals and families
  • senior wraparound focuses on connecting with community supports to enable the senior to remain in their homes and then placing supports when they transition into long-term care homes
  • accepts donations of clothing, furniture and household items as well as services in kind like auto, home and mechanical repairs, sewing, painting
  • call the office and let them know what you have to donate and if they can match a family to your donation within 48 hours it will be accepted

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board - Special Education Programs - 20 Education Crt

Provides a continuum of special education supports and services for exceptional learners which includes this regular class placement and support, as well as special class placement and support.

McMaster Children's Hospital - Outpatient Clinical Service for Children with Diabetes - Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre, Level 4

Offers assessment and treatment of pediatric diabetes and education in the management of diabetes to children and their families.

Milton. Community Services - Inclusion for Special Needs - Milton Town Hall

Refer to the current Community Services Guide for complete descriptions, times and fees.

I-CAN (Integrated Care for Assisted Needs) Programs

School Breaks:
* ICAN P.A. Day Adventures
* ICAN Summer camps
* ICAN March Break
* ICAN Festive Fun
* Extended care - daily and weekly programs

ICAN Swimming Lessons

SNAP (Special Needs Activity Program)
School Breaks:
* SNAP Summer Camp
* SNAP March Break

Fitness Registered:
* Zumba (18+ years)

* Swim & Gym Junior (6 - 12 years)
* Swim & Gym Senior (13 - 18 years)

Drop In Programs:
Adult Inclusion drop in program (18+ years)
Sledge Hockey Shinny (all ages)

Medically fragile participants:
* participants who are medically fragile and who require the use of medical equipment are welcome to attend programs
* staff are not trained in this area so the family must provide a support worker to be responsible for the participant's medical requirements

Support persons (minimum age 15 years)

a) For all programs (registered and drop-in):
* Support persons provided by a participant's family are welcome to attend programs
* Admission fees are waived for all support persons accompanying a person with a disability as long as the support person is not participating in the program/service

b) For registered programs:
For support persons that are provided by the family, the following may be required:
* Additional information about support persons for safety and emergency purposes
* Attending a training session and providing a criminal record check
* A waiver form, signed by parents/guardians

c) For support persons provided by the Town:
* If your child has a one-to-one worker and will be absent from a program, please notify staff as soon as possible. This will help us to notify/re-assign the staff person working with your child before they arrive

Adult opportunities:
* inclusive recreation opportunities are available for adults
* call 905-878-7252 ext 2613 for more information

McMaster Children's Hospital - Preschool Communication Service - Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre, Level 3

Provides assessment and treatment to preschool aged children with speech, language, and communication difficulties.
Specific services available include:
* Assessment and treatment of speech, language and communication delays/disorders
* Group and individual therapy
* Speech and language programs for home
* Augmentative and visual communication services
* Consultation at home and in child care centres
* Educational workshops for parents, caregivers and health professionals
* Research

McMaster Children's Hospital - Child and Youth Mental Health Parent & Community Education Services - Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre, Level 3

COPE programs are designed to strengthen the parenting capacity of families/caregivers whose children are displaying challenging behaviours, notably attentional and/or oppositional behaviours.

COPEing with Oppositional Teens offers:

* Weekly 2 hr meeting, for 8 weeks.
* Problem solving discussions, videotapes, homework projects, workshops and readings for parents, focus on the unique challenges presented by very oppositional teens.

Behavioural Supports Ontario - Community Outreach Team - Burlington

Provides short-term behavioural support and assistance for older adult clients in crisis, or at risk of a crisis, and their families including:
* crisis intervention
* practical support and outreach
* education
* advocacy
* coordination of services (may include connecting with appropriate longer-term services and community resources)

Behavioural Supports Ontario - Community Outreach Team - Burlington

Provides short-term behavioural support and assistance for older adult clients in crisis, or at risk of a crisis, and their families including:
* crisis intervention
* practical support and outreach
* education
* advocacy
* coordination of services (may include connecting with appropriate longer-term services and community resources)

McMaster Children's Hospital - Developmental Pediatrics and Rehabilitation Registration Office - Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre, Level 3

Provides a central referral point to all programs and services. Parents, teens, and professionals in the community may call to inquire about programs and services.

McMaster Children's Hospital - Pediatric Lipid Clinic - Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre, Level 3

Improves the heart-health of children with disorders of lipid metabolism and their families through an educational program administered by an interdisciplinary clinical team.