Financial Planning

Managing day to day finances properly takes time, thought, and planning. Many Canadians carry a certain amount of debt as part of their overall financial picture. But with proper financial planning, you’ll be able to determine how much money you’ll need for monthly expenditures, tax payments, and future savings, and be able to manage debt effectively. Financial experts have differing views on how much money you should keep in savings, how and where to invest your money, and how best to manage your monthly and yearly costs. Do you have questions about your current financial situation and debt-load? Would you like guidance or information from a financial expert for yourself, a friend or loved one? Are you looking for resources within your community to help you manage your overall financial picture? Kinjunxion is here to help with sources of support and information.

You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.

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The One-Page Financial Plan

A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money

Whenever I tell people about my job as a financial advisor, the conversation inevitably turns to how hopeless they feel when it comes to dealing with money. More than once, they’ve begged, “Just tell me what to do.” It’s no surprise that even my most successful friends feel confused or paralyzed. Even if they have a shelfful of personal finance books, they don’t have time to make sense of all the information available. They don’t just want good advice, they want the best advice—so rather than do the “wrong thing,” they do nothing. Their 401(k) and bank statements pile up, unexamined or maybe even unopened. What they don’t realize is that bad calls about money aren’t failures; they’re just what happens when emotional creatures have to make decisions about the future with limited information. What I tell them is that we need to scrap striving for perfection and instead commit to a process of guessing and making adjustments when things go off track. Of course we’re going to make the best guesses we can—but we’re not going to obsess over getting them exactly right. The fact is, in a single page you can prioritize what you really want in life and figure out how to get there. That’s because a great financial plan has nothing to do with what the markets are doing, what your real estate agent is pitching, or the hot stock your brother-in-law told you about. It has everything to do with what’s most important to you. By now you may be wondering, “What about the details? How much do I need to invest each year, and how do I allocate it? How much life insurance do I need?” Don’t worry: I’ll cover those topics and many more, sharing strategies that will take the complexity out of them. The most important thing is getting clarity about the big picture so you can cope with the unexpected. Maybe you’ll lose the job you thought was secure; you’ll take a financial risk that doesn’t pan out; you’ll have twins when you were only budgeting for one. In other words: Life will happen. But no matter what happens, this book will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

The Ultimate Financial Plan

Balancing Your Money and Life

How to build a financial plan that really blends into yourlife The latest volume in the bestselling Ultimate series, JimStovall and Tim Maurer's The Ultimate Financial Plan: BalancingYour Money and Life is a one-stop, comprehensive, personalfinancial planning book exploring the intersection of money andlife. The Ultimate Financial Plan examines the connectionbetween actions, thoughts, and feelings when it comes to all thingsfinancial. The key to getting the most out of your wealth, theauthors argue, is certainly found in the wise utilization of tools,like budgets, bank accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, Roth IRAs, educationsavings plans, and real estate, as well as home, auto, business,health, disability, and long term care insurance, but even more soin the contentment found in balancing money's influence in ourlives with personal values and goals. An insider's look into the recently humbled "Big 3"—thebanks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies—and the innerworkings that often set their proprietary goals and objectivesabove all A critical examination of the role of various financial salespeople, advisors, planners, and consultants A guide to navigating Economic Bias—a conflict ofinterest involving money—and how it affects every financialdecision we make The Ultimate Financial Plan is the application of theresources at your disposal for the purpose of living your life tothe fullest, and this book will show you the quickest route togetting started on the path to ultimate success.

Values-based financial planning

the art of creating an inspiring financial strategy

The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning

Inside Tips from an Expert

There are six interrelated segments to a complete financial plan: Cash & Budget Planning, Insurance & Risk Management, Tax Management, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, and Estate Planning. What aspects of the financial plan require sophisticated planning by a professional, and what can savvy, well-educated consumers handle themselves? The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning empowers readers to take charge of their financial present and future, regardless of where they are financially, by presenting technical jargon in a way that’s easy to understand. This book touts several unique and rare reader benefits: Written for DIYers and those needing to select or understand advisors Useful for new savers up to mid-retirees 30 dramatic true stores of client triumphs and tragedies—no dull case studies Unbiased perspective is neither insurance nor investment skewed, and provides industry secrets Access via author website to customizable spreadsheets and more Here is sage advice and insider information known to the very few. For example, consumers buy more long-term care insurance then they need because their advisors are forbidden to show them alternative or supplemental strategies. They buy one large life policy when best-practice analysis usually would find need for two smaller, distinctive types. They get recommendations for annuity, insurance, and investment replacement, but how can they be certain the answers they get are unbiased? Author Dan Gallagher provides advice and counsel that will help readers set the stage for financial security for themselves and their families. He shares what you can do yourself and when you need a pro’s help.

Successful Hiring for Financial Planners

The Human Capital Advantage

From determining your hiring needs, to crafting an effective job description, identifying and vetting top talent, to making the right compensation offer, Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is a straightforward guide that provides practical wisdom and real-world experience for how to effectively execute the hiring process for your first (or next) financial planning hire in your growing advisory firm. Inside this guide you will learn: • How to develop an appealing career track • When you should begin the hiring process • How to let your firm's culture recruit for you • The art and science of screening candidates • How to overcome common hiring struggles • Practical tips to handle underperformers • How to develop a succession plan Successful Hiring for Financial Planners delivers a comprehensive plan to help your firm grow so you can serve the consumers who are in need of your guidance the most.

Financial Planning for Teachers

The Lesson Plan for Your Financial Future

Financial Planning for Teachers provides teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals with just the right amount of financial literacy to know what's important in planning for the future. Written by Eric Nichols, CFP(r), CLU(r), RICP(r), CRPC(r), a financial professional who has spent the past ten years helping teachers and their families with their financial strategies, this book is here to guide you through the personal finance landscape. Over his many years of working with teachers with just about every imaginable financial condition, family situation, and set of goals, Nichols has recognized a common theme: while teachers are generally very intelligent and caring individuals who know they need to plan for their futures, they typically prefer to have someone they trust handle it for them. The challenge, as they see it, is finding someone who will put their best interests first. Presenting all the essential information in a light, conversational tone, this easy-to-use educational tool is designed to help you work with your financial professional and carve out your path to financial prosperity. Whether you're just getting started in your planning or you're closer to retirement, you'll come away better able to meet your particular needs.

Bottom Line Financial Planning

Manage Risk and Fund the Good Life Your Whole Life

Some people spend more time planning their next vacation than they spend planning a comfortable financial life. You can do better with BOTTOM LINE FINANCIAL PLANNING! Learn key concepts from experienced professionals--from efficient investing to tax and debt management, from retirement -wish-list- planning to guarding your loved ones from financial hazards, from estate planning essentials to building the legacy you leave for your heirs. On your terms, and your timeline. Know what you can DIY...and how to assemble your expert team to handle the rest. Scan each chapter's introductory bullet list of -bottom line- planning necessities to see what you're already doing right--and what you may be missing. Concise, clear explanations follow, with helpful tips and stories from seasoned financial professionals focused on helping clients manage risk and fund their good life.

Rich on Any Income

The Easy Budgeting System That Fits in Your Checkbook

Explains how to develop and follow a budget and discusses checkbook balancing and credit card use

Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up

Financial planning today is formulaic, redundant and not very helpful to the consumer! This book reveals exactly how Wall Street, financial planners, and the news steer investors into poor and expensive decisions. It prescribes proven alternatives that place readers on a path to reach or exceed the specific yield necessary in their situation.

Client Psychology

A Client-Centered approach to Financial Planning Practice built by Research for Practitioners The second in the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning Series, Client Psychology explores the biases, behaviors, and perceptions that impact client decision-making and overall financial well-being. This book, written for practitioners, researchers, and educators, outlines the theory behind many of these areas while also explicitly stating how these related areas directly impact financial planning practice. Additionally, some chapters build an argument based solely upon theory while others will have exclusively practical applications. Defines an entirely new area of focus within financial planning practice and research: Client Psychology Serves as the essential reference for financial planners on client psychology Builds upon and expands the body of knowledge for financial planning Provides insight regarding the factors that impact client financial decision-making from a multidisciplinary approach If you’re a CFP® professional, researcher, financial advisor, or student pursuing a career in financial planning or financial services, this book deserves a prominent spot on your professional bookshelf.

Financial Planning--the Next Step

A Practical Approach to Merging Your Clients' Money with Their Lives

Financial Planning?The Next Step: A Practical Approach to Merging Your Clients' Money with Their Lives focuses on the way to structure a practice to ensure financial planners are focused on their clients' needs. A specialist in financial life planning, Diliberto challenges the notion of asset-centered financial planning in favor of the client-centered approach. He uses stories, personal examples, and wisdom from his career to discuss how to plan holistically from the starting point'who is your client and what are their personal goals and needs?Not focused solely on the relationship with the client, Diliberto shines a bright light on the practice itself. He examines how a firm is structured, who is part of the financial planning team, compensation, and effective and reasonable marketing for the financial planning firm.

Practicing Financial Planning

For Professionals

Wedding and Event Planning

Financial Health & Literacy

Party Plan

Transportation Planning

Financial Security

Caeer Planning

Workforce Planning Hamilton

Independent regional advisory body led by local business and labour sectors and including representation from other stakeholders. Engages communities in a locally-driven process to identify and respond to key employment and training trends, opportunities and priorities to help improve conditions of the local labour market. Facilitates a local planning process and opportunities where community organizations and institutions agree to initiate and/or implement joint actions, activities and projects. Organizes events and activities that promote the importance of education, training and skills upgrading.

Burlington. City Building - Planning, Building and Culture - Committee of Adjustment - Burlington City Hall - 2nd Flr

This committee considers applications for minor variances and permissions to the Zoning Bylaw.
* handles applications severing land, laying down easements and long-term leases

Some members of this committee also sit on the Committee of Revision, which hears complaints on proposed assessments and frontage measurements regarding local improvements as well as the Property Standards Committee which makes decisions on any appeals to orders issued by the City's Property Standards Officers.

Hamilton.Planning & Economic Development Department - Infrastructure Planning Section - City Hall

Coordinates residential and industrial growth in the city of Hamilton.

Hamilton.Planning & Economic Development Department - Community Planning - City Hall, 6th Flr

Undertakes broad-ranging policy development and handles individual development and permit applications in the City of Hamilton. Areas of responsibility include neighbourhood plans, secondary plans, heritage conservation, and environmental assessment.

Hamilton.Planning & Economic Development Department - Zoning By-Law - City Hall

Supports residents in understanding the zoning by-law of the City of Hamilton, which regulates the use of land and controls how each property in the city can be used.

Halton. Legislative and Planning Services

The department consists of five divisions:
* Asset Management
* Economic Development
* Planning Services
* Legal Services
* Office of the Regional Clerk

Services include:
* legal support
* leadership on land use planning and growth management
* economic development
* small business services
* tourism promotion
* heritages services
* risk management
* asset management planning
* also provides support services to Regional Council and it's Committees

Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton

Facilitates and encourages healthy community change and quality of life through research, community development, community engagement, and system and service planning.

Hamilton.Planning & Economic Development Department - Planning Division, Heritage Permit Review Sub-Committee - City Hall

Advises the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee, Cultural Heritage planning staff, and the Director of Planning on the consideration of Heritage Permit applications to alter designated heritage properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act and properties within a Heritage Conservation District designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Hamilton.Planning & Economic Development Department - Garage Sales - Hamilton City Centre, Licensing & Permits Office

A person can hold a maximum of two garage sales per year and only sell their own goods * If a complaint is received regarding the number of garage sales being held, an Inspector will investigate and take action regarding enforcement of the Zoning By-law, which may include legal action and a fine being levied.

Oakville. Building, Planning and Development - Municipal Growth-Related Development - Oakville Town Hall - Planning Services

Focuses on all growth-related development including the review, approval and inspection functions for all new development.

Subdivision Agreement Process:
* preparing subdivision agreements, administering all aspects of registered plans
* reviewing, approving and inspecting all new urban infrastructure provided to the Town through the development process

Condominium Agreement Process:
* preparing condominium agreements

Pool Enclosure and Site Alteration Permit Process:
* reviewing and approving site alteration work, lot grading/drainage
* reviewing and approving pool permit/inspections
* tree protection policies

Development Application Review Process:
* reviewing and providing technical comments on proposed development applications/site plans being processed by Planning Services staff
* reviewing and approving studies submitted to supplement development applications including noise studies, sub-watershed studies and other environmental studies
* review and approval of grading and drainage plans and site servicing drawings

Hamilton.Planning & Economic Development Department - Economic Development Division, Real Estate Section - City Hall

Responsible for the management of the corporation's real estate assets and real estate portfolios, which includes the leasing, acquisition, and disposition of properties, site improvements, environmental audits, and the delivery of efficient and effective real estate and property management services.

Oakville. Building, Planning and Development - Heritage Oakville Municipal Advisory Committee - Oakville Town Hall - Planning Services

An advisory body to Oakville Council recommending heritage properties deserving of protection and preservation or designation under the Ontario Heritage Act
* reviews heritage permit applications, heritage designations and municipal heritage policies and programs