An addiction can be characterized as any impulse control disorder, where a person either spends an abnormal number of hours doing a particular activity, such as video game addiction, or cannot control their consumption of a certain substance, such as alcohol, drugs, or food. In all cases, the impulse to consume the substance, or partake in the activity gets to the point where it impacts daily life, having negative health or social consequences, as well as affecting work, school, family and/or relationships. Any unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back or stop the activity or use of the substance could signal a problem. We are here to help. If you aren’t sure if your use of any substance has turned into abuse, or if you have questions or concerns about a friend or family member’s addiction to a certain activity, take a look through the resources listed below.

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Anger as an Addiction

King's Way Outreach Centre (The) - Breaking Down the Walls of Addiction

Weekly support group designed to assist people in breaking free of the cycle of addiction. Lively discussion, guest speakers who have overcome the cycle of addiction, practical tips for success as well as a caring environment provided.

Overeaters Anonymous - Oakville / Burlington Area Meetings

A 12-step program for compulsive overeaters or food addicts that is modelled on the Alcoholics Anonymous program

* offers closed meetings for those who have, or think they have, a problem with food

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton - Mental Health and Addiction Program Peer Support Council - West 5th Campus, Rm G209

Provides individuals with a vehicle to give input into policy and program change at St. Joseph’s Mental Health and Addiction Program. Supports opportunities for individuals to access information, education and support regarding choices, self advocacy, peer support and political awareness.

Peer support groups of the Mental Health and Addiction Program include:

- Open Peer Support Group
- Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA)
- Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

Womankind Addiction Service - Taking Steps

Outpatient program for women looking to learn more about addiction and ways to take control over substance use. Fourteen continuous sessions promote self awareness of substance use and offer support for individual goals and can be started at any point.

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton - Rapid Access Addiction Medicine - 225 James St

Short-term outpatient addiction clinic providing consultation and stabilization for individuals with substance use disorders.

Services include:

* One on one counselling
* Connecting with a physician at the clinic
* Referrals to community resources

Gamblers Anonymous - Hamilton East - Hamilton

Offers peer-led self-help groups for those with gambling problems:

For additional help, call the Ontario Helpline at 1-855-222-5542.

Hope Bible Church Oakville - Recovery Group

A Christian recovery group for men and women struggling with addictions

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - Oakville Group

* meetings are closed, restricted to sex and love addicts (or those who think they may be sex and love addicts, i.e. newcomers)
* only qualification for membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction
* supported through contributions of its membership and is free to all who need it

Celebrate Recovery

A 12-step program for all hurts, habits, and hang ups that include but are not limited to:
* alcohol and drug addictions
* physical, sexual and emotional abuse
* anger, food addictions, sexual addictions

Program location:
* Compass Point Bible Church

ADAPT: Halton Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Assessment, Prevention and Treatment Service - Addiction Assessment and Treatment, Burlington Office - Burlington Office

Services include assessment, treatment, individual and group counselling as well as educational services with respect to alcohol, drug and gambling related issues

Programs include:
* community withdrawal management
* Days Ahead Youth program
* parent program/parent education group
* problem gambling
* problem gambling day treatment
* family and group counselling
* opioid treatment and outreach
* concurrent disorders/Halton Homes
* first episode psychosis/ Phoenix program
* Know The D.E.A.L. (Drugs, Education, Alcohol & the Law)
* community justice programs
* community consultation and education
* Transitional Aged youth Outreach Program (TAYOP)
* Back-on-Track (remedial measures program for those convicted of impaired driving)
* referrals and aftercare
* peer support

Hamilton. Public Health Services - Problem Gambling Program - Cooper Building

Provides information, assessment, referral and treatment services to individual and families. Services are free and confidential, will also provide public awareness and education about responsible and problem gambling upon request.

Reformers Unanimous - Addiction Program Hamilton - Hamilton East

A faith based addictions program that exists to help anyone with stubborn habits and addictions find victory and real solutions for life change.