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Vocational testing and evaluations are useful tools that are used to examine which career or occupation is the best match to a person’s abilities, interests, and personality. Companies may use vocational testing to help place employees in roles that best suit their strengths, or to help start them at an appropriate level within the organization. As well, vocational testing can be used at the high school level to help graduating students decide on a post-secondary avenue, or for adults who are mid-way through their careers and are contemplating a career change. Are you unemployed, and need help deciding on which jobs to apply for that you are most likely to match well with? Or are you mid-way through your career, and would like to make a change? Are you a business owner interested in the various vocational assessment tools available to help you hire and retain the best employees for the job? A vocational evaluation or vocational testing expert might be able to help point you in the right direction. Our resources are a great place to start.

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A Lawyer's Guide to Understanding Earning Capacity Assessment and Earning Capacity Options

Courts often need to determine the impact of an incident on the capacity of an individual to be employed and to earn wages. This book explains the concepts of earning-capacity assessment and identifies the considerations that go into determining an assessment. This book provides an in-depth understanding of earning-capacity assessment requirements and methodology to facilitate the examination of an expert or to determine the accuracy of opinions, can rely on this book.

The Birkman Method

Your Personality at Work

This first in-depth book on the personality assessment used by more than 3 million people worldwide shows how this tool reaches beyond self-described behavior and situational analysis to unravel the DNA underpinning workplace satisfaction and accomplishment.

Handbook of Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Evaluation

Application and Implementation of the ICF

This book presents the state of the art in the application and implementation of the WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in the areas of vocational rehabilitation as a primary topic and disability evaluation as a secondary topic. Application of the ICF and implementation strategies toward a holistic and comprehensive approach to work disability and vocational rehabilitation programs are presented along with clinical cases and exercises. The ICF as a topic in health and disability has been gaining momentum since its approval by the World Health Assembly in 2001, and great progress has been made since then. However, the integration if the ICF in the realm of vocational rehabilitation has been lacking despite the fact that work and employment are a major area in people's lives, particularly those who have work disability. This book will advance the professional practice of vocational rehabilitation, rehabilitation counseling, occupational medicine, and allied health science.

Testing and assessment in vocational education.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Rehabilitation, Treatment, and Case Management, Second Edition

Traumatic Brain Injury: Rehabilitative Treatment and Case Management, Second Edition provides therapists, case managers and physicians with information about the longer-term issues faced by this population. Originally titled Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, this new edition updates the clinical information and broadens the scope of the best-selling text with ten additional chapters designed to meet the needs of educators, discharge planners, and neuropsychologists. New topics include: Auditory function assessment Aging issues Cognitive rehabilitation Recreational therapy Litigation and settlement options Bio-ethical principles This broader focus allows the book to be used both as an educational tool and as a clinical reference. The person with TBI faces a daily struggle to survive and return to pre-injury functioning levels. Traumatic Brain Injury, Second Edition provides detailed postacute and late rehabilitation procedures that may be effective in reducing disability, improving quality of life, enhancing life satisfaction, and reducing the long-term financial expenditures associated with TBI.

International Handbook of Career Guidance

This handbook offers a comprehensive review on career guidance, with an emphasis on the applied aspects of guidance together with research methods and perspectives. It features contributions from more than 30 leading authorities in the field from Asia, Africa, America, Australasia and Europe and draws upon a wide range of career guidance paradigms and theoretical perspectives. This handbook covers such subjects as educational and vocational guidance in a social context, theoretical foundations, educational and vocational guidance in practice, specific target groups, testing and assessment, and evaluation.

Vocational (work) Evaluation

Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors

The first print edition in more than 5 years contains a total of 10,773 vocabulary terms with 206 descriptors and 210 "use" references that are new to this thesaurus for locating precise terms from the controlled vocabulary used to index the ERIC database.

Braddom's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Preceded by: Physical medicine and rehabilitation / [edited by] Randall L. Braddom. 4th ed. c2011.

Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation


Principles of employment psychology

Assessment in Counseling

A Guide to the Use of Psychological Assessment Procedures

Assessment has always played an important role in counseling. This book provides information about the various psychological assessment procedures that are relevant for practicing counselors. The text deals with the use of tests that are most often employed by counselors and it includes case studies. Its purpose is to help counselors become better consumers and interpreters of psychological and educational tests and assessment procedures. It emphasizes the selection, interpretation, and communication of psychological test results and also details the importance of integrating test results with other information about the client. It is not designed to be a text book or desk manual on the various tests themselves. The first four chapters introduce the reader to basic concepts in psychological assessment and to the statistical knowledge needed to select and interpret tests. Chapters 5 through 15 constitute the bulk of the book. Here, over 100 tests and other assessment measures are examined. The assessments are divided into three categories: cognitive, career and life planning, and personality. In chapters 16 through 18, professional practices and considerations are explored, including analyses of cultural bias, communication of test results, and ethical and social issues in testing. (Contains roughly 500 references and a comprehensive index.) (RJM)


Context driven testing

Self Employment

GMAT Test Prep and Tutoring

Employment Help


Employer Branding

Effective Evaluation

Adult Basic Education Association of Hamilton

Central referral agency for adult education and upgrading.

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board - Assessment Centre - 110 King St

Provides English as a second language (ESL) assessment services to mature students (PLAR), newcomers, and children.

Behavioural Medicine Centre

Provides clinical medical and vocational rehabilitative services using an interdisciplinary approach. Integrates patients' medical, personal, and behavioural functions with needs of business and industry.
Performs a liaison role between employees and employers and/or insured and insurer to resolve issues related to disability and employment. Services include assessment and treatment of pain, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, phobia, and head injuries, and intervention when work and daily living activities are consequently reduced.

Ontario. Ministry of Transportation - Senior Driver Renewal Program, Flamborough - Flamborough

A program which requires drivers age 80 and older to renew their driver's license every two years. The renewal process includes a vision test, must undergo a driver record review, and participate in a 45-minute Group Education Session (GES). During the GES, must complete two, brief, non-computerized in-class screening assignments. If necessary, will take a road test to have their in-car skills assessed.

St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education - Adult High School Diploma Program, Hamilton East - 770 Main St - Hamilton East - 770 Main St

Courses designed for adult learners who want to complete their high school diploma * focus on reading, writing, mathematics, and social sciences.
Courses Offered:
* English as a Second Language (ESL)
* Academic Upgrading (LBS)
* Literacy Instruction for Newcomers (LINC)

* St Charles Adult Education Centres and Programs are located throughout the City of Hamilton.

St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education - Hamilton Mountain East - 150 East 5th St

Provides a wide range of Adult Education Programming.

Academic Upgrading
Credit Co-op
Day School
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Independent Learning
Personal Support Worker
Culinary Arts
General Interest
Night and Summer School
Night Computer Classes
School to Work Programs
Citizenship Preparation classes
Literacy Instruction for Newcomers (LINC)
International Languages
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Preparation classes
TOEFL preparation classes

* St Charles Adult Education Centres and Programs are located throughout the City of Hamilton.

STRIDE - Supported Employment, Oakville - Oakville

Provides a comprehensive range of employment support options, which are responsive to individual needs:

Employment Connections Program includes:
* employment planning - developing a realistic employment goal
* support coordination - assistance with successful transition to employment; advice on funding supports to access training and employment opportunities
* employment preparation - assistance with resume updates, job searches, applications and interview skills, vocational life skills training
* job placement - assistance with job searches by establishing contacts that can lead to employment
* on the job training/coaching - providing support to individuals while training on the job
* job maintenance - providing ongoing follow-up to help maintain employment

Youth Employment Program provides:
* a client centered program that responds to the varied employment needs of transitional aged youth,16 to 24 years, who are experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues
* outreach service to meet youth in the community, accessing at-risk youth who traditionally are not seeking services
* youth-oriented service that will assist youth in developing the skills they need to become contributing members of their communities

Employment Peer Mentor Program:
* open to individuals who are 16 years or older who have experienced or are experiencing mental health and/or addiction challenges
* Employment Peer Mentors (EPMs) are individuals with lived experience with mental health and/or addiction issues and who are in recovery
* provide a positive role model through support, guidance, mutual exchange and coaching from the perspective of lived experience
* provides support to find employment and access community resources
* provides support during appointments, assistance with paperwork and attend meetings when needed
* assist in developing a personal wellness plan and goals

St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education - Adult High School Diploma Program at East 5th - Hamilton Mountain East - 150 East 5th St

Courses designed for adult learners who want to complete their high school diploma * focus on reading, writing, mathematics, and social sciences.

Also offers:
* English as a Second Language (ESL)
* Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC)
* Academic Upgrading (LBS)
* Co-op at the workplace including:
* Culinary Arts and Personal Support Worker
* Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
* Evening computer software workshops

General Topics and Information - Halton Region - How to Find - Employment, Apprenticeship, Training and Literacy Programs - Halton

Overview of programs ranging from basic education and literacy to workforce preparation, career training and job search assistance programs, and directs to other related listings in this directory.

Reading, writing, speaking, communication, computation and/or problem solving skills:
1. For adults who cannot read or write at a functional level) see Adult Literacy Programs here
2. To strengthen functional skills in these areas see Adult Basic Education programs here

1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
* to complete at locations in Halton, see here
* to complete by distance education, see Independent Learning Centre here

2. General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
Allows adults who did not complete a formal high school program to demonstrate high-school level knowledge and skills:
* GED testing is provided only by the Independent Learning Centre, see here
* preparation materials and centres are shown on Independent Learning Centre website here

Prevocational Training (for people with disabilities, including mental health issues)
Instruction and/or counselling to develop:
* physical and emotional tolerance for work demands and pressures
* personal-social behaviours
* basic manual, academic and communications skills needed to acquire basic job skills
* see Prevocational Training programs here.

Career Awareness and Counselling
* Career Awareness (provides information and data about various industries and professions): see here
* Career Counselling (provides information and guidance in evaluating aptitude, abilities and interests, to choose a vocation or career and select the type of training): see here.

Vocational Assessment
Tests skills, abilities, interests, personality traits and other attributes for success in different occupational areas or specific positions
* may include programs that allow people to try out jobs for short periods of time to see if there's a 'fit' and, for people with disabilities, determine what supports might be needed to succeed if hired.
* for programs see here

Job Training
* Vocational education: see here
* On the job training: see here
* Computer and related technology classes: see here

Work Experience/Internship Programs
* Work experience programs: see here
* Internship programs: see here

* Apprenticeship preparation, see here
* Apprenticeship training, see here

Job training expense assistance
Financial assistance or loans to help people pay for tuition, books, living expenses, transportation, disability supports, assistance in caring for dependents etc.
* for programs see here

Pre-job Guidance
Provides skills in preparing a resume, job application letters/questionnaires, answering job ads and taking employment tests, tips on appropriate dress, personal appearance and interview techniques, etc.)
* for programs, see here

Comprehensive Job Assistance Centres
One-stop centres that may include job counselling, testing and assessment, pre-job guidance, job matching and referral, labour market and career information, information on financial aid for education and training, and referral for job training, transportation, child care, personal and financial counselling, etc.
* for programs, see here

Specialized Job Assistance Centres:
1. Indigenous employment programs, see here
2. Disability-related programs:
* Comprehensive disability-related programs: see here.
* Supported employment (job coach works side-by-side with client in workplace): see here.
* Centre-based employment (separate and supported work centres for those with disabilities): see here.
3. Vocational rehabilitation (for people with disabilities, emotional problems or history of substance abuse): see here
4. Ex-offender employment programs: see here
5. Immigrant/refugee employment programs: see here
6. Summer employment programs: see here
7. Youth employment programs: see here

Behavioural Medicine Centre

Provides clinical medical and vocational rehabilitative services using an interdisciplinary approach. Integrates patients' medical, personal, and behavioural functions with needs of business and industry.
Performs a liaison role between employees and employers and/or insured and insurer to resolve issues related to disability and employment. Services include assessment and treatment of pain, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, phobia, and head injuries, and intervention when work and daily living activities are consequently reduced.

Goodwill, The Amity Group - Goodwill Career Centre - Ontario Disability Support Program - Burlington - Upper Middle Road

Offers employment supports for people with disabilities who want to work in competitive part-time and full-time employment.
* matches clients to jobs geared to their interests or long-term goals
* offers retention services to employers in Halton Region

Career Consultation services include:
* assess individual's needs and match them with correct resources and support
* case management
* help to identify and analyze an individual's skills
* help to select an appropriate employment path

Job Preparation programs include:
* work adjustment training
* Work Hardening
* help to develop and improve skills
* improve performance and enhance employability

Job Placement services include:
* job development services
* job coaching/management
* help individuals find and adjust to their new positions in the workforce

Christian Horizons - Hamilton Pathways Employment Program - 225 King William St - West District

Provides adults with a developmental disability with pathways to employment, community integration, and skill building, including resume development and job interview skills.