Strengthening Families

Family can be a wonderful source of love and support, but at times conflicts within families can arise. Differing political, spiritual, financial planning or parenting views, as well as personalities and perspectives can all lead to conflict within a family. Add to that list the complexities and stresses involved in everyday work-social-family-life balance, and it’s easy to see how families can experience issues from time to time. If those issues are becoming more and more commonplace in your family, and you are unable to resolve them on your own, they can lead to an unhappy or volatile family environment, and there are professionals and resources that can help. There are also many resources available to help strengthen families, to create a happier and more positive family environment, including ideas and activities that allow families to spend more time together, cost-effective programs and outings, as well self help books, seminars, and counseling available to help families become stronger and more connected. We have the resources you need to find them.
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Memories of Family Traditions

Traditions are the memories you make as a family year after year. Everyone’s family has different traditions and different ways to celebrate them. As an adult, you cherish these memories

Family Literacy Day: Encouraging Literacy Activities Every Day!

About Family Literacy Day Family Literacy Day is a day to encourage families to read and engage in other literacy-related activities as a family. It was created by ABC Life

How to nurture strong sibling relationships

If you are a parent of multiple young children, chances are you have noticed that they don’t always get along as well as you would like. This resource is a

How to Strengthen a Parent-Child Relationship

Having a connection with your child is essential for a strong relationship. Spending time with them and showing them you care can make a huge impact in their lives. That

Creating a loving bond between your kids

Sibling conflict is a well-known phenomenon to anyone who has grown up or currently lives in a household with more than one child. It can be exhausting as a parent

Strengthening Bonds With Family and Friends

Having a strong bond with family members and friends takes some work, but in the long run, will help you live a happy and fulfilled life. Sadly, eating meals together
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Mark Preece Family House

191 Barton St E
Hamilton ON L8L 2W7

Good Shepherd Centres, Main Administration - Family Centre Emergency Shelter Program

143 Wentworth Street S
Hamilton ON L8N 2Z1

Al-Anon Family Groups - Al-Anon / Alateen Meetings - Hamilton / Burlington

Burlington ON

Children's Aid Society of Hamilton

The Poscor Centre for Children & Families; 26 Arrowsmith Rd
Hamilton ON L8N 4B9

Bridge (The) - Family Support Group

319 Barton St E
Hamilton ON L8L 2X6

Dawn Patrol Child and Youth Services - Parent / Adolescent Conflict (PAC) Program

82 Victoria Ave S
Hamilton ON L8N 2S7

Al-Anon Family Groups and Alateen - Al-Anon Family Group and Alateen Group - Waterdown - Grace Anglican Church

Grace Anglican Church; 157 Mill St N
Hamilton ON L0R 2H0

Dawn Patrol Child and Youth Services - Parent / Adolescent Conflict (PAC) Program

82 Victoria Ave S
Hamilton ON L8N 2S7

Milton Community Resource Centre - EarlyON Child and Family Centre

410 Bronte St S
Milton ON L9T 0H8

Burlington Family Health Team

Halton McMaster Family Health Centre; 1221 Lakeshore Rd
Burlington ON L7S 0A1

Hamilton and District Extend-A-Family

293 Wellington St N
Hamilton ON L8L 8E7

Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton / Niagara - Hamilton - Services for Children and Families

1320 Barton St E
Hamilton ON L8H 2W1