Sports, Arts & Leisure - Older Adults

It is widely agreed upon that regular participation in both fitness and leisure activities help you to improve your energy, reduce stress, improve mental wellness, achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, increase strength and prevent many physical and mental diseases and illnesses. This holds true for all ages, from children to older adults. Whether it is participation in music lessons, sport teams, swimming, theatre, art or drama, many experts will agree that a person’s participation in extra-curricular activities contributes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing. For older adults, there are many exercise, arts and leisure programs offered specific to this age group, often modified or programmed to meet older adult’s specific physical or mental needs. Are you looking for resources or opportunities within your community to participate in exercise or arts related activities geared towards older adults? Would you like to know the costs and time commitment related to any particular program? Or do you have questions regarding either the benefits, or risks related to a specific arts themed project or exercise program for yourself, or a loved one? There are many programs available in your community for older adults, as well as funding available in some cases to provide access to sports and arts programs at a reduced rate for seniors, or free of charge. If you are looking for information and resources regarding Exercise, Arts and Leisure programs for older adults in your area, you’ve come to the right place.

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ACSM's Exercise for Older Adults

In ACSM’s Exercise for Older Adults world-renowned researchers and practitioners make a compelling case for older adults to engage in physical activity. Over the course of ten chapters, the text highlights the physiological, psychological, and social benefits of a physically active lifestyle. Students and professionals will benefit from implementation strategies including motivation to initiate and maintain exercise; options for healthy older adults; options for older adults with special needs; and assessing progress and performance. The text completes its presentation by including practical information on integrating exercise into complete healthy lifestyles with consideration to helping individuals select a physical activity program that works. A frequently asked questions chapter provides exercise professionals with resources to anticipate and respond to their clients.

Community-based Rehabilitation

CBR Guidelines

Volume numbers determined from Scope of the guidelines, p. 12-13.

Aging and Older Adulthood

The third edition of this essential text has been updated andexpanded with new material that reflects the most recentdevelopments in the field, and explores our current understandingof a broad range of topics related to aging and olderadulthood. Fresh edition includes updated content such as revisedcase histories and reworked material on key concepts and researchapplications Retains the winning format of the second edition, with chaptercontents framed by individual histories Dual models add cohesiveness to the presentation of theory Thematic structure facilitates reader comprehension Instructor resources provided online upon publication at ahref=""

Front Pages

Front Pages is an illustrated novel of the real world created by the painter Nancy Chunn. Every day of 1996 Chunn claimed as an artistic canvas the front page of the New York Times. Using specialized rubber stamps and bold pastels to enhance, eradicate, and alter images and text, she created a commentary - colorful, intense, smart, compassionate, visually explosive - on the year's events and the power of the press. When these artworks were shown at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York, they created a sensation. Chunn's treatment of the events we all lived through - the Presidential campaign, the crash of TWA flight 800, the wars in Chechnya and Rwanda - will strike an immediate chord in readers tuned in to the complex frequencies of a political world awash in images and news. Gary Indiana's interview with the artist provides lively and intimate insights into the artistic process as means of talking back to power and engaging with the world. Front Pages is being published to coincide with an exhibition of these works at The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, January 10-March 2, 1998.

Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society

Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society, Ninth Edition provides a detailed overview of the history, developments, and current trends in leisure studies. This text addressed contemporary issues facing the recreation and leisure profession and focuses on challenges and opportunities that will impact the profession over the next 5 to 20 years. Extensive research into emerging trends helps support the text and provide insights into the future. Focusing on ten different types of organizations-ranging from nonprofit community organizations and armed forces recreation to sports management and travel and tourism sponsors-this classic text is an invaluable resource for students considering a career in the recreation and leisure industry. "This text provides a great overview of Recreation and Leisure Studies. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner and in way that students can relate to. I have taught intro several times and never have I had a textbook that was so well organized and current." Dr. Jan Louise Jones, Southern Connecticut State University

Recreational Sport Programming

This is a comprehensive resource for recreation and leisure studies curriculums that presents theoretical and practical content for the professional's role in sports programming as it relates to all recreational organisations and agencies-youth/adult leagues, tournaments, club activity, and drop-in play. With its in-depth look at the delivery of sport programming, this text includes a sound theoretical foundation, detailed sports delivery responsibilities, plus key information regarding resource connections and administrative involvement. It is a practical, hands-on resource for all future professionals.

Aging and Quality of Life

In this timely and important work, expert gerontologists review what has been learned about the aged and the process of aging and link this knowledge to interventions for improving the quality of life. This volume highlights the development of preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative interventions designed to assist older people maintain their independence and quality of life. In addition to the editors, chapter authors include Robert N. Butler, Matilda White Riley, Carroll Estes, and a foreword by James O. Mason.

World Report on Ageing and Health

The WHO World report on ageing and health is not for the book shelf it is a living breathing testament to all older people who have fought for their voice to be heard at all levels of government across disciplines and sectors. - Mr Bjarne Hastrup President International Federation on Ageing and CEO DaneAge This report outlines a framework for action to foster Healthy Ageing built around the new concept of functional ability. This will require a transformation of health systems away from disease based curative models and towards the provision of older-person-centred and integrated care. It will require the development sometimes from nothing of comprehensive systems of long term care. It will require a coordinated response from many other sectors and multiple levels of government. And it will need to draw on better ways of measuring and monitoring the health and functioning of older populations. These actions are likely to be a sound investment in society's future. A future that gives older people the freedom to live lives that previous generations might never have imagined. The World report on ageing and health responds to these challenges by recommending equally profound changes in the way health policies for ageing populations are formulated and services are provided. As the foundation for its recommendations the report looks at what the latest evidence has to say about the ageing process noting that many common perceptions and assumptions about older people are based on outdated stereotypes. The report's recommendations are anchored in the evidence comprehensive and forward-looking yet eminently practical. Throughout examples of experiences from different countries are used to illustrate how specific problems can be addressed through innovation solutions. Topics explored range from strategies to deliver comprehensive and person-centred services to older populations to policies that enable older people to live in comfort and safety to ways to correct the problems and injustices inherent in current systems for long-term care.

Aging in America

In light of the aging baby boomer population, concerns about the financial stability of Social Security, trends in disability, health care costs, and the supply of caregivers are all topics at the forefront of conversation. Aging in America focuses on this concern, and presents comparative data that speaks to the broader American population.

The TB12 Method

How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance

Quarterback Tom Brady offers the principles behind pliability, which is at the heart of a new paradigm shift and movement toward a more natural, healthier way of exercising, training, and living, and one that challenges some commonly held assumptions around health and wellness. Filled with lessons learned from Brady's own peak performance training, and step-by-step action steps to help readers develop and maintain their own peak performance, this book also advocates for more effective approaches to strength training, hydration, nutrition, supplementation, cognitive fitness, recovery, and other lifestyle choices.

The Ice Princess

A Novel

“A top-notch thriller, one of the best of the genre” (Minneapolis Star Tribune) from international crime-writing sensation Camilla Läckberg tells the story of brutal murders in a small Swedish fishing village, and the shattering, decades-old secrets that precipitated them. In this electrifying tale of suspense from an international crime-writing sensation, a grisly death exposes the dark heart of a Scandinavian seaside village. Erica Falck returns to her tiny, remote hometown of Fjällbacka, Sweden, after her parents’ deaths only to encounter another tragedy: the suicide of her childhood best friend, Alex. It’s Erica herself who finds Alex’s body—suspended in a bathtub of frozen water, her wrists slashed. Erica is bewildered: Why would a beautiful woman who had it all take her own life? Teaming up with police detective Patrik Hedström, Erica begins to uncover shocking events from Alex’s childhood. As one horrifying fact after another comes to light, Erica and Patrik’s curiosity gives way to obsession—and their flirtation grows into uncontrollable attraction. But it’s not long before one thing becomes very clear: a deadly secret is at stake, and there’s someone out there who will do anything—even commit murder—to protect it. Fans of Scandinavian greats Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell will devour Camilla Läckberg’s penetrating portrait of human nature at its darkest.

Love You Forever

As her son grows up from little boy to adult man, a mother secretly rocks him each night as he sleeps.

Leisure Walking

Art Walks and Tours

Contemporary Art

Art Exhibit

Art and Culture

Mixed Martial Arts

Oakville. Recreation and Culture - Seniors Programs, Trafalgar Park Older Adults Centre - Trafalgar Park Older Adults Centre

A recreation centre for older adults.

Registered Programs
* Ageless grace - brain fitness program
* art workshop
* drawing
* French
* Fun with Paint & Collage
* Fun with Easy Aerobics
* hall walking with strength training
* History of British Music & Art, History of Jazz & Blues, History of Broadway, History of Sculpture, History of Russian Art & Music
* pickleball
* pilates
* Shifting gears fitness
* tai chi
* watercolour painting
* yoga
* zumba

Drop In Programs
* arts and crafts
* badminton
* bid euchre
* book club
* bunka embroidery
* carpet bowling
* chess club
* concert band
* Current Affairs discussion group
* Friendship luncheon
* Guitar circle
* Harmonica group (chromatic & diatonic)
* Kerr Street Singers
* pickleball
* poetry group
* Scrabble
* table tennis
* walking - The Wacky Walkers

Check the current Seniors Services Newsletter or the Parks, Recreation & Culture Guide for more information.

Oakville. Recreation and Culture - Seniors Programs, Iroquois Ridge Older Adults Centre - Iroquois Ridge Older Adults Centre

A recreation centre for older adults.

Registered Programs
* aquatic bone & joint therapeutic care
* aquatic Parkinson's boxing therapeutic care
* bone & joint therapeutic care
* bridge - mentored duplicate
* gentle osteo fit
* line dancing
* pickleball
* square dancing
* tai chi
* walk better, be stronger therapeutic care
* yoga

Drop-in Programs
* bid euchre
* book club
* bridge
* crafts
* discussion group
* Friendship luncheon
* DVD Lecture series - History of Ancient Egypt
* euchre
* Find it and Finish it arts and crafts
* mah jong
* scrapbooking
* tennis
* table tennis
* Pathfinders Hiking group of Oakville

Check the current Seniors Services Newsletter or the Parks, Recreation & Culture Guide for more information.

Burlington. Parks and Recreation - Programs for People with Disabilities - Multiple Locations

Provides recreation and leisure support to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in a wide variety of activities.

Recreation programming for children (ages 4-12 yrs), teens (13-21 yrs) and adults (ages 22-55 yrs)
* offers choice of participating in integrated or non-integrated recreation programs
* support services available to assist special needs persons in registering
* volunteer recruitment
* public education

Weekday Activity Centre
Adults with disabilities, ages 21-54 yrs
Fall/Winter/Spring: Tue and Thu mornings at Tansley Woods Community Centre
Gym activities * healthy eating * life skills * music

Dash and Splash:
Integrated children's program, ages 4-12 yrs, with or without disabilities
Fall/Winter/Spring: Sat mornings at Tansley Woods Community Centre
Gym activities * swimming * music * sensory activities * story time * crafts * snack

Dunk & Dive:
Teens with disabilities, ages 13-21 yrs
Fall/Winter/Spring: Sat mornings at Tansley Woods Community Centre
Recreational swim * age-appropriate activities * music * gym * art * life skills * community outings

Friday Activity Nite: (FAN)
Teens and adults with disabilities, ages 18 yrs and older
Fall/Winter/Spring: Fri evenings at Brant Hills Community Centre
Recreational and social environment * gym sports and games * music, ping pong * social activities

Out & About:
Teens and adults with developmental disabilities, ages 18 yrs and older
Fall/Winter/Spring: Thu evenings, at various locations
Social program with community-based and in-house leisure opportunities

Camp CanDo (full day summer camp):
Integrated children's camp, ages 4-12 yrs, with disabilities
Summer: Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm, at Tansley Woods Community Centre
Daily swimming * weekly trips * extended care options available

Outdoor Opportunity (full day summer program):
Teens and young adults with disabilities, aged 13-21 yrs
Summer: Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm at Mountainside Recreation Centre
Daily swimming * life skills * weekly offsite trips

Out and About Summer: (full day summer program)
Adults with disabilities, ages 22-55 years
Summer: Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm, at Aldershot Arena
Community partnership activities * special activities * weekly offsite trips * swimming trips * special lunches

Leisure Link Program
Volunteer-based program that matches/'links' one-to-one support between a volunteer and an individual with special needs to enable participation in all recreational programs * subject to volunteer availability and location

Milton. Community Services - Older Adults Recreation Programs - Milton Town Hall

Refer to the current Community Services Guide for complete descriptions, locations, times and fees.

Daytime Clubs and Drop-in Programs:
* Art Club * Bid Euchre * Billiards * Bingo * Book Club * Canasta * Carving Club -Soft Wood * Clogging * Computer Club * Contract Bridge * Conversational French * Creative Fingers Craft Club * Cribbage * Duplicate Bridge * Folk Art * Guitar Club * Kitchen Band * Line Dancing * Snooker League * Song Spinners Chorus * Table Tennis * Tai Chi * Tap Dancing * Walking Club

Evening Drop-in Programs:
* Bid Euchre * Billiards * Bingo * Table Tennis

Active registered:
* Nia * Osteofit and Balance Training * Qi-Gong * Strengthen and Tone * Tai Chi 1,2,3 * Strength & Tone for Older Adults * Workout for Men * Yoga for Older Adults * Zumba Gold

Oakville. Recreation and Culture - Seniors Programs, Queen Elizabeth Park Older Adults Centre - Queen Elizabeth Park Older Adults Centre

A recreation centre for older adults.

Registered Programs
* bridge - mentored duplicate
* circuit training
* Cycle and strength
* Dinner for One workshop
* Fitness Plus
* Hall walking with strength training
* Parkinson's program
* pickleball
* pilates
* tap dancing
* total body conditioning
* yoga restorative
* yoga & yoga flow

Drop-In activities
* badminton
* book club
* DVD lecture series - Lifelong health - Achieving optimum well-being at any age
* jam session
* guitar club
* hall walking
* Mexican train dominoes
* pickleball
* snooker
* ukelele

Check the current Seniors Services Newsletter or the Parks, Recreation & Culture Guide for more information.

Burlington. Parks and Recreation - Burlington Seniors' Centre

A seniors centre for those age 55 and older in a club-like atmosphere * membership required

Offers recreation programs including:
* arts & crafts
* Continual Learning
* technology lessons
* fitness
* games & cards
* music & dance

55+ programs are also offered in locations throughout the City including: Tansley Woods Community Centre, Brant Hills Community Centre, Haber Recreation Centre, Music Centre, Central Arena, Lowville, and Mountainside Recreation Centre

For more information see current Adult 19+ and 55+ Program Booklet here

* designated as a local cooling centre during times of extreme heat and a warming centre during times of extreme cold

Art Gallery of Burlington

Art gallery with conservatory, outdoor courtyard and café
* stages up to 20 exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing work from internationally recognized artists, national and regional artists, and local guild members
* The Art Shop sells the work of Canadian artists and features an art rental program
* home to seven art and fine craft guilds with studios and exhibition spaces
* offers classes to adults and children in various craft and visual art disciplines such as life drawing, painting, basketry, calligraphy, pottery and cartooning
* March break programs, art camps in summer months
* provides opportunities for discovery and 'hands-on' learning, as well as mentoring and showcasing visual artists at all skill levels
* dedicated to building and promoting its collection of Canadian contemporary ceramics

Rental facilities:
Fireside Lounge (up to 50 people) and Shoreline Room (up to 200 people) for weddings, parties, meetings, luncheons, seminars, etc. * tables and chairs provided * wireless Internet * conference calling available for meetings * for food and beverage service, must contract Ampersand Group Catering

Oakville. Recreation and Culture - Seniors Programs, River Oaks Mature Adults Club - River Oaks Mature Adults Club

A recreation centre for older adults

Drop-in Programs
* badminton
* pickleball

Check the current Seniors Services Newsletter or the Parks, Recreation & Culture Guide for more information.

Active Aldershot Society

Offers active recreational programs to all ages, including Judo, After-school program, summer camp and Senior's mobility classes:

Judo (competitive and recreational):
Various classes for ages 3 to seniors * registration required

After-school program (elementary students)
September-June, Mon-Fri 3 pm-5:30 pm * pick up from Aldershot schools * call for details

Active Aldershot Summer Camp (ages 5-13):
One-week sessions throughout the summer, 9 am-4 pm * registration required

Seniors' mobility classes:
Drop-in classes followed by social time * Wed and Fri, 10 am

Third Age Learning Burlington - Mailing Address

When project is fully implemented it anticipates offering two Fall and two Winter series, for a yearly total of 32 lectures * for current program see website

Each weekly meeting consists of a 45-minute presentation delivered by a subject matter expert in politics, economics, the arts, a hobby or other interest area, followed by question and answer session

Centre3 for Print and Media Arts - Sitelines

In collaboration with the Mental Health rights Coalition, Centre3’s staff and hired on artists provide free art-based workshops, courses, and open studios to adults with lived experience of mental illness.

Oakville. Recreation and Culture - Recreation Facilities & Programs, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre - Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre

A multi-purpose recreation, arts and culture facility.
* offers many drop in and registered recreational, art/cultural and aquatic programs and is home to a Youth centre, Seniors centre and the Oakville Arts Council
* also provides space for many cultural groups and arts guilds

* gyms & multipurpose rooms * Fitness Centre * 25-metre pool * Older Adults Centre * Drop In Youth Centre * Black Box theatre * rehearsal spaces - music & performance * Cafe * studios - pottery, woodworking, spinning & weaving, digital arts, music recording and fine arts

Member organizations include:
Circle of Harmony
Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton Steel Band
Oakville Suzuki Association
Oakville Camera Club
Oakville Sculptors and Woodcarvers Guild
Oakville Arts Council
Oakville Scottish Country Dance Group
Oakville Association of Knitters & Crocheters
Oakville Sewers Forum
Oakville Wind Orchestra
Oakville Chinese Network Society
Oakville Improv Theatre Company
ArtWorks Oakville
High Rendition Jazz

* designated as a local cooling centre during times of extreme heat and a warming centre during times of extreme cold