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Many families have roots in different religious and spiritual beliefs. Children are often brought up within their parents’ core values, beliefs, and religious practices. A family’s daily routine, their choice of school and extracurricular activities for their children, the holidays they observe and the specific roles played by different genders and generations within a family can all be guided by religious and spiritual beliefs. Choosing which religious traditions to follow within multi-religious families can present wonderful opportunities to learn about and celebrate different cultures, but it may also present challenges if two people’s religious upbringings were very different. Are you looking for a specific place of worship in your neighbourhood for your family to attend? Would you like to send your children to a school, or summer camp program that offers education akin to your spiritual beliefs? Are you experiencing conflict in your family in regards to melding together two sets of different beliefs, or family traditions, and you would like guidance on how to do so? Religion can bring with it many questions, including how to establish a religious set of beliefs within your family that everyone identifies with and relates to. We have the resources you need to support your family. You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.
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Using spiritual practises as a form of healing: Three big tips

Anna Yusim, M.D, wants both medical practitioners and their patients to start focusing on mindfulness as a main form of healing practise. Despite not being taught about it in medical

The simple question that leads to a solid spiritual foundation

The options through which to pursue a more balanced and spiritual existence are seemingly endless these days, but one woman’s experience shows that developing a truly balanced spiritual existence begins
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Quest Learning Centre For Religious Literacy

Westdale United Church; 99 North Oval Rd
Hamilton ON L8S 3Z2

Sikh Society of Hamilton

86 Covington St
Hamilton ON L8E 2Y5

InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Grand River

1645 Colborne St E
Brantford ON N3T 5L4

Ramgarhia Association Hamilton

290 Lake Ave N
Hamilton ON L8E 3A2

Kehila Jewish Community Day School

215 Cline Ave N
Hamilton ON L8S 4A1

Ontario Paranormal Society (The) - TOPS Brantford

Brantford ON

The Hamilton Bahá'í Community - The Hamilton Bahá'í Community, Spiritual Assembly - Spiritual Assembly

Hamilton ON

Eagle's Nest Association of Waterdown HOPE Centre (Home of Practical Education)

606 Dundas St E
Hamilton ON L0R 2H1

Micah House

205 Holton Ave S
Hamilton ON L8M 2L8

Seventh Day Adventist Church, Hamilton Mountain Location - Community Services and Food Bank - Community Services and Food Bank - Hamilton Mountain Location

284 Concession St
Hamilton ON L9C 7N7

Naseeha Muslim Youth Helpline

240 Superior Blvd
Mississauga ON L2T 2L2

St. Peter's Hospital - Palliative Care Program

St Peter's Hospital; 88 Maplewood Ave
Hamilton ON L8M 1W9