Are you hoping to buy a new, or used vehicle, but cannot afford to purchase the entire car up-front? Automotive financing allows individuals or businesses to own a car, without paying for it in advance with one lump sum. There are several forms of automotive financing available and many different providers. Financing can be made available from the dealer selling the car, or by an independent finance broker, and the terms, conditions, length of financing and rates of interest all vary depending on the company providing the financing. Direct loans are available from banks and financial institutions specifically for automotive purchases. Leases allow drivers to pay for only a portion of the car, and return it after an agreed upon amount of time. If you are looking for information regarding the various automotive financing options available, you’ve come to the right place.

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Automotive Engines

Fundamentals of Automotive Technology

Revised edition of: Fundamentals of automotive maintenance and light repair / Kirk T. VanGelder. 2015.

Automotive Paints and Coatings

Now in its second edition and still the only book of its kind, this is an authoritative treatment of all stages of the coating process -- from body materials, paint shop design, and pre-treatment, through primer surfacers and top coats. New topics of interest covered are color control, specification and testing of coatings, as well as quality and supply concepts, while valuable information on capital and legislation aspects is given. Invaluable for engineers in the automotive and paints and coatings industry as well as for students in the field.

Automotive Industries

South African Automotive Light Vehicle Level 2

Ward's automotive yearbook

Includes advertising matter.

South African Automotive Light Vehicle Level 4

Automotive Paint Handbook

Paint Technology for Auto Enthusiasts & Body Shop Professionals

A comprehensive resource that covers the entire field of automotive paint technology.

South African Automotive Light Vehicle Level 3

Recent advances in automotive electronics

Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook

A Clear Outline of Current Methods for Designing and Implementing Automotive Systems Highlighting requirements, technologies, and business models, the Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of existing and future automotive electronic systems. It presents state-of-the-art methodological and technical solutions in the areas of in-vehicle architectures, multipartner development processes, software engineering methods, embedded communications, and safety and dependability assessment. Divided into four parts, the book begins with an introduction to the design constraints of automotive-embedded systems. It also examines AUTOSAR as the emerging de facto standard and looks at how key technologies, such as sensors and wireless networks, will facilitate the conception of partially and fully autonomous vehicles. The next section focuses on networks and protocols, including CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and TTCAN. The third part explores the design processes of electronic embedded systems, along with new design methodologies, such as the virtual platform. The final section presents validation and verification techniques relating to safety issues. Providing domain-specific solutions to various technical challenges, this handbook serves as a reliable, complete, and well-documented source of information on automotive embedded systems.

Automotive Aerodynamics

Automotive Aerodynamics Joseph Katz, San Diego State University, USA The automobile is an icon of modern technology because it includes most aspects of modern engineering, and it offers an exciting approach to engineering education. Of course there are many existing books on introductory fluid/aero dynamics but the majority of these are too long, focussed on aerospace and don’t adequately cover the basics. Therefore, there is room and a need for a concise, introductory textbook in this area. Automotive Aerodynamics fulfils this need and is an introductory textbook intended as a first course in the complex field of aero/fluid mechanics for engineering students. It introduces basic concepts and fluid properties, and covers fluid dynamic equations. Examples of automotive aerodynamics are included and the principles of computational fluid dynamics are introduced. This text also includes topics such as aeroacoustics and heat transfer which are important to engineering students and are closely related to the main topic of aero/fluid mechanics. This textbook contains complex mathematics, which not only serve as the foundation for future studies but also provide a road map for the present text. As the chapters evolve, focus is placed on more applicable examples, which can be solved in class using elementary algebra. The approach taken is designed to make the mathematics more approachable and easier to understand. Key features: • Concise textbook which provides an introduction to fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, with automotive applications • Written by a leading author in the field who has experience working with motor sports teams in industry • Explains basic concepts and equations before progressing to cover more advanced topics • Covers internal and external flows for automotive applications • Covers emerging areas of aeroacoustics and heat transfer Automotive Aerodynamics is a must-have textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in automotive and mechanical engineering, and is also a concise reference for engineers in industry.

General Topics and Information - Halton Region - Used Cars - Where to Donate - Burlington

This listing summarizes locations in Burlington which take used vehicles.

1. Burlington Fire Department, Donate a Vehicle
Accepts used cars, vans, or light trucks for use in training exercises
* vehicles can be in any condition, do not need to be in running order
* tax receipt issued
For more information, see full listing here.

2. Car Heaven
A charitable vehicle recycling program using authorized Automotive Recyclers of Canada members
* automobiles (working or not) are dismantled according to code of practice by a certified recycler located in the community
* vehicle is towed for free
* tax receipt issued
For more information see full listing here.

3. Kidney Foundation of Canada, Kidney Car Program
Accepts cars and trucks
* vehicle is towed for free
* tax receipt issued
For more information, see full listing here.

Canadian Automobile Association - South Central Ontario - Oakville Office

Provides 24-hour emergency roadside and related services for motorists

Driver Training: courses and workshops including Beginner Driver Education
* Beginners
* Mature Drivers
* Road Safety

* optional emergency travel medical/dental coverage

* special discounts may be available in the community for CAA members

Canadian Automotive Museum

Automotive museum * over 75 vehicles dating between 1903 and 1988 on display * gift shop

Silver Cross Automotive

Part of Shoppers Home Health Care, Automotive Division * sells new and used modified or ready to modify vehicles

Christian Automotive Repair Service - Christian Automotive Repair Service, Wingham - Wingham

Volunteers assist families in need with required vehicle repairs and maintenance, such as oil changes, brakes and lights.

Opportunities available for anyone who enjoys working on vehicles or wants to learn how to maintain and repair vehicles.

Vehicle donations welcomed. Volunteers will arrange to pick up your vehicle, even if it isn't in running condition. To donate click here to fill in a form, or call and leave a message. A volunteer will call you back within a few evenings or on the weekend.

Fanshawe College - Automotive Service Technician - Centre for Applied Transportation Technologies

Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship * prepares students to train as apprentices in a specific trade while obtaining an associated college diploma * some programs have both May and September start dates -- call for more information

Centennial College - Automotive Service Technician Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship - Ashtonbee Campus

Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship * enables students to train as apprentices in a specific trade while obtaining an associated college diploma

Automobile Protection Association

Consumer information and advocacy regarding automotive industry * free legal advice to members, nonmembers receive basic information * publishes Lemon Aid -- guide to new and used car recommendations, defects and re-calls

Youth Unlimited - The Shop

Autoshop serving as employment and training for youth * Vehicles donated by car owners who receive a charitable tax receipt * staff train youth in basic automotive skills by refurbishing vehicles * youth gain experience in basic automotive, small engines, carpentry, detailing and other trades * support building resume and finding job and one-to-one life skills mentoring * volunteer community service hours available

McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada

McLaughlin and McLaughlin-Buick car club * maintains a permanent record of the Canadian contribution made by R.S. McLaughlin to the North American automotive industry * exchange of ideas and information * annual homecoming event for owners

Ricks Driving School - Ricks Driving School, Orillia - Midland

In class instructions * In car instruction * Private Lessons * G-1 Exit Road Test * Free CAA one year basic membership on completion of full course * Free Oil Change Compliments of CMF Automotive in Orillia upon completion of full course

Ricks Driving School - Ricks Driving School, Gravenhurst - Gravenhurst

In class instructions * In car instruction * Private Lessons * G-1 Exit Road Test * Free CAA one year basic membership on completion of full course * Free Oil Change Compliments of CMF Automotive in Orillia upon completion of full course