Financial Distress & Debt

Managing day to day finances properly takes time, thought, and planning. Many Canadians carry a certain amount of debt as part of their overall financial picture. However, at times, those debts can begin to feel overwhelming. Whether your financial situation is personal, or business-related, financial distress can be difficult to manage on your own. Bankruptcy offers some relief if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to repay your debts. Or, a consumer proposal can help. Through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT), you can put together a proposal document that offers to pay back creditors in a certain way, under certain terms. Experiencing financial distress can lead to further feelings of anxiety and depression. It can be a cause of disagreement in marriages and relationships. Admitting you are in financial distress can be confusing, difficult, and embarrassing. Are you unsure of your current financial situation and debt-load? Do you have questions or concerns about what you owe, and what resources are available to help alleviate some of your debt? Could you use the guidance of a financial adviser, or do you need legal help in regards to your finances? We have the resources within your community that you need. You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.
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Figuring out your Debt - don't let it take over your life!

I came across this recent article dealing with #debt … if you are struggling with #debt, you’re not alone. We can help introduce you to professionals and counsellors that will

When you or your loved ones are struck with a critical Illness

We have all witnessed someone close to us, be it in the family or friends, who suffered a critical illness like cancer, stroke, heart attack or neuropathic diseases like Parkinsons.

Can Bad Management Of Your Finances Mess With Your Confidence?

“Financial concerns and (in)stability can be a major source of personal dissatisfaction, feelings of uneasiness and unhappiness.” In this article, a financial consultant talks about how she meets with many

Checking Your Credit Score for FREE (Canada)

“Usually, checking your credit score online would cost you $24. But now, Toronto-based online loan lender Borrowell has joined its competitor Mogo in providing free credit score checks that will have no impact on your credit

Debt Consolidation 101

Debt consolidation is a good strategy when facing debt and looking for an option to help. It involves combining some to all of your debt under fewer sources (usually one),

Your Options When Facing Debt

Most people have some form of debt. From mortgages, personal loans, or credit cards which carry a balance, debt can take many forms. Some of these things are easier the
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How do you deal with financial stress?

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre - Financial Counselling - Hamilton Mountain Central - 28 Athens St - Financial Counselling

28 Athens St
Hamilton ON L9C 3K9

Catholic Family Services of Hamilton - Financial Wellness Credit Counselling - Hamilton Central - 460 Main St - Financial Wellness Credit Counselling - The Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre; 460 Main St E
Hamilton ON L8N 1K4

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Oakville Office

Ennisclare Centre; 1155 North Service Rd W
Oakville ON L6M 3E3

The Credit Counselling Society

906-20 Hughson St S
Hamilton ON L8N 2A1

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Credit Canada Debt Solutions, Mississauga Branch - Mississauga Branch

2 Robert Speck Pkwy
Mississauga ON L4Z 1H8

Christians Against Poverty

Hamilton ON

Project Linus Canada - Project Linus Canada, Burlington Chapter - Burlington Chapter

Burlington ON

Credit Counselling Society, Mississauga

77 City Centre Dr
Mississauga ON L5B 1M5

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Credit Canada Debt Solutions, Brampton Branch - Brampton Branch

2 County Court Blvd
Brampton ON L6W 3W8

Debtors Anonymous - Mailing Address

St. Simon's Anglican Church (meeting location); 1450 Litchfield Rd
Oakville ON L6H 5P4

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Credit Canada Debt Solutions, Etobicoke Branch - Etobicoke Branch

208 Evans Ave
Toronto ON M8Z 1J7

Project Linus Canada - Project Linus Canada, Oakville Chapter - Mailing Address - Oakville Chapter - Mailing Address

Oakville ON