Financial Distress & Debt

Managing day to day finances properly takes time, thought, and planning. Many Canadians carry a certain amount of debt as part of their overall financial picture. However, at times, those debts can begin to feel overwhelming. Whether your financial situation is personal, or business-related, financial distress can be difficult to manage on your own. Bankruptcy offers some relief if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to repay your debts. Or, a consumer proposal can help. Through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT), you can put together a proposal document that offers to pay back creditors in a certain way, under certain terms. Experiencing financial distress can lead to further feelings of anxiety and depression. It can be a cause of disagreement in marriages and relationships. Admitting you are in financial distress can be confusing, difficult, and embarrassing. Are you unsure of your current financial situation and debt-load? Do you have questions or concerns about what you owe, and what resources are available to help alleviate some of your debt? Could you use the guidance of a financial adviser, or do you need legal help in regards to your finances? We have the resources within your community that you need.

You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.

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Finding Rent Support


Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy

Predict and Avoid Bankruptcy, Analyze and Invest in Distressed Debt

A comprehensive look at the enormous growth and evolution of distressed debt, corporate bankruptcy, and credit risk default This Third Edition of the most authoritative finance book on the topic updates and expands its discussion of corporate distress and bankruptcy, as well as the related markets dealing with high-yield and distressed debt, and offers state-of-the-art analysis and research on the costs of bankruptcy, credit default prediction, the post-emergence period performance of bankrupt firms, and more.

Corporate Financial Distress, Restructuring, and Bankruptcy

Analyze Leveraged Finance, Distressed Debt, and Bankruptcy

A comprehensive look at the enormous growth and evolution of distressed debt markets, corporate bankruptcy, and credit risk models This Fourth Edition of the most authoritative finance book on the topic updates and expands its discussion of financial distress and bankruptcy, as well as the related topics dealing with leveraged finance, high-yield, and distressed debt markets. It offers state-of-the-art analysis and research on U.S. and international restructurings, applications of distress prediction models in financial and managerial markets, bankruptcy costs, restructuring outcomes, and more.

A Survival Guide to Debt

How to Overcome Tough Times & Restore Your Financial Health

For readers who are paying bills with credit cards, cringing every time the telephone rings, avoiding stacks of unopened overdue notices, or facing foreclosure, Mitchell L Allen offers a practical resource full of hope. In this guide Allen empowers readers to make smart choices about how to emerge from debt and recover from the devastating financial and emotional effects of hard times. Unlike other debt-relief authors, Allen doesn't focus on bankruptcy or avoiding bankruptcy; he presents all of the options available and explains how to take advantage of them. He teaches readers: How to deal with financial trouble on their own, including negotiating with creditors; Where to find professional help with debt problems; How to determine if bankruptcy is the best solution; How to file for bankruptcy; How to regain control of their lives and their finances -- forever. Filled with proven and effective strategies for finding a way out of the debt forest, this guide provides the dearest path from debt-induced insanity .to financial security.

Accruals, financial distress, and debt convenants

In debt? Help is on the way

from financial distress to financial relief : a consumer's guide to resolving your financial problems, understanding the benefits of personal bankruptcy

IN DEBT? HELP IS ON THE WAY provides valuable information to help stop the financial suffering of millions of Americans. While most financial books deal with how to invest assets, IN DEBT? HELP IS ON THE WAY takes the time to help people with serious financial problems. This easy-to-read, informative & fascinating book covers, among other things, the benefits of personal bankruptcy, the misconceptions, & the affect bankruptcy has on a person's credit. Order from Consumer Financial Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 355, Neeham, MA 02192-0355, FAX (617) 848-0819, or phone (617) 849-9426.

Financial Distress, Corporate Restructuring and Firm Survival

An Empirical Analysis of German Panel Data

Philipp Jostarndt studies distress-induced changes in ownership and control, success factors in distressed equity infusions, and firms’ choice between in- and out-of-court debt restructurings. In addition, he analyzes the determinants of survival, acquisition, and bankruptcy as alternative paths to exit financial distress. He includes both the firm perspective as well as the market valuations of the undertaken restructurings and, where applicable, relates the findings to the microstructure of Germany’s revised bankruptcy legislation.

Distressed Debt Analysis

Strategies for Speculative Investors

'Distressed Debt Analysis' is an essential reference for anyone involved in the valuation, bankruptcy, or restructuring of US-domiciled businesses.

Taxes, financial distress and capital structure in the United States and Japan

Quantitative Analytics in Debt Valuation & Management

A breakthrough methodology for profiting in the high-yield and distressed debt market Global advances in technology give investors and asset managers more information at their fingertips than ever before. With Quantitative Analytics in Debt Valuation and Management, you can join the elite club of quantitative investors who know how to use that information to beat the market and their competitors. This powerful guide shows you how to sharpen your analytical process by considering valuable information hidden in the prices of related assets. Quantitative Analytics in Debt Valuation and Management reveals a progressive framework incorporating debt valuation based on the interrelationships among the equity, bond, and options markets. Using this cutting-edge method in conjunction with traditional debt and equity analysis, you will reduce portfolio risk, find assets with the highest returns, and generate dramatically greater profits from your transactions. This book’s “fat-free” presentation and easy-to-navigate format jump-starts busy professionals on their way to mastering proven techniques to: Determine the “equity risk” inherent in corporate debt to establish the causal relationship between a company’s debt, equity, and asset values Price and analyze corporate debt in real time by going beyond traditional methods for computing capital requirements and anticipated losses Look with an insider’s eye at risk management challenges facing banks, hedge funds, and other institutions operating with financial leverage Avoid the mistakes of other investors who contribute to the systemic risk in the financial system Additionally, you will be well prepared for the real world with the book’s focus on practical application and clear case studies. Step-by-step, you will see how to improve bond pricing and hedge debt with equity, and how selected investment management strategies perform when the model is used to drive decision making.

Bankruptcy & Distressed Restructurings

Analytical Issues and Investment Opportunities

Papers from a conference held March 1991 under the joint sponsorship of the New York University Salomon Center and a number of interested corporate contributors

Corporate Financial Distress and Financial Restructuring Solutions

This thesis identifies typical patterns of corporate financial distress and examines securities issued by different types of firms in order to prevent and resolve financial distress. Existing theories and findings are contrasted with new case study evidence and interview results. The main findings are as follows. First, different distress patterns evoke different financial reengineering and restructuring methods. Firms can potentially avert financial distress by issuing securities when the increased financial distress risks are due to risky assets or poorly designed capital and incentive structures. However, firms cannot avert financial distress by simply issuing securities when the increased distress risks result from poor performance (economic distress). Such firms must engage in turn-around measures to resolve their operational problems. Second, financial instruments employed in and prior to financial distress very often represent some type of mezzanine finance, though the securities may differ substantially with regard to allocated cash flow and control rights, depending on the type of distress. In financial distress, the recognition that security issues not only raise funds but, in addition, allocate cash flow rights, control rights, and liquidation rights, becomes increasingly important. Third, financing decisions of financially sound firms differ from the financing decision of firms approaching or entering financial distress. Specifically, the financing decision of such firms is determined by (1) the firm's asset risks and the associated cash flow variance, (2) its operating performance, and (3) its existing debt level (leverage) and debt structure. Overall, firms seeking to prevent or attenuate financial distress issue securities that mitigate conflicts of interest, overcome information problems, and transfer risks to new investors. The mezzanine instruments employed can be more debt-like. Firms seeking to resolve f...L.

Corporate Financial Distress

A Complete Guide to Predicting, Avoiding, and Dealing with Bankruptcy

A comprehensive guide to predicting and dealing with corporate bankruptcy: how to anticipate financial crisis, manage a financial turnaround, and handle the legal, accounting and investment implications of bankruptcy. Discusses failure prediction and develops specific and aggregate business failure models for analyzing both private and publicly held firms. Provides complete documentation and analysis of failure prediction models in ten countries.

Debt Elimination

Financial Health & Literacy

EFT for Financial Abundance

Financial Markets


Financial Security

Get Out of Debt

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre - Financial Counselling - 28 Athens St

One-on-one financial counselling and financial literacy support. Counsellors can offer assistance with debt repayments, budgeting, accessing government supports, Canada Revenue Agency issues and creating financial goals. Call for an appointment.

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Oakville Office

Services include:
* personal money management counselling by appointment
* mediation between debtor and creditor
* consumer debt repayment programs
* consumer credit education
* speakers available to employers, schools and community groups
* counsellors hold the professional designation of Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada (AFCC)

Catholic Family Services of Hamilton - Credit Counselling

Accredited individual financial counselling.

Thrive Counselling - Financial Fitness / Credit Counselling - Oakville Head Office

Provides money management planning, budgeting advice and counselling concerning credit and debt matters

Major services:
* debt and financial stress management
* administration of debt repayment resolution plans
* money management counselling for individuals or couples
* bankruptcy counselling where they have recommended this service to another provider in the community
* third-party advocacy regarding debt and financial problems

* counselling times can be arranged by appointment only for Oakville, Burlington or Milton

The Credit Counselling Society

Registered, non-profit charitable service that provides free confidential credit counselling services for consumers.

Christians Against Poverty

Offers free debt counselling, employment assistance, money management courses, and befriending to deliver a holistic and in-depth debt counselling service to those who need extra support.

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Credit Canada Debt Solutions, Mississauga Branch - Mississauga Branch

Debt management and consolidation programs * personal money management counselling * online resources on consumer debt and money management

Project Linus Canada - Project Linus Canada, Burlington Chapter - Burlington Chapter

A non-profit volunteer organization which collects and arranges for distribution of knitted, crocheted or sewn comforting blankets to children and youth in a crisis situation such as a home fire, serious illness diagnosis or loss of a parent/sibling

Volunteers make and donate whole blankets and quilts, or squares which are assembled into blankets and quilts, that are given to children and youth through hospitals and other agencies.

Contact to ask about materials, dimensions and other details regarding blankets and component squares * information can also be found here

Completed blankets or squares can be dropped off at:
* Michaels, 1250 Brant St, Suite 6, Burlington * 289-798-0077
* Spun Fibre Arts, 2464 Lakeshore Rd W, #4, Oakville * 905-681-7786

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Credit Canada Debt Solutions, Brampton Branch - Brampton Branch

Debt management and consolidation programs * personal money management counselling * online resources on consumer debt and money management

Credit Counselling Society, Mississauga

Credit counselling, debt management and consolidation programs * money management education and budgeting assistance * information and referral * online resources on consumer debt and money management, including myMoneyCoach * webinars and workshops

Credit Canada Debt Solutions - Credit Canada Debt Solutions, Etobicoke Branch - Etobicoke Branch

Debt management and consolidation programs * personal money management counselling * online resources on consumer debt and money management

Project Linus Canada - Project Linus Canada, Oakville Chapter - Mailing Address - Oakville Chapter - Mailing Address

Volunteers knit, crochet or sew and donate part (squares) or whole blankets/quilts, that are used to make blankets for children in crisis

* serious illness diagnosis
* loss of a parent/sibling
* distributed to individuals, Ronald McDonald House, Halton Women's Place, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Credit Valley Hospital