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Managing day to day finances properly takes time, thought, and planning. Many Canadians carry a certain amount of debt as part of their overall financial picture. But with proper financial planning, you’ll be able to determine how much money you’ll need for monthly expenditures, tax payments, and future savings, and be able to manage debt effectively. Many individuals and families enjoy taking holidays, and budgeting for this within your overall financial picture can ensure a fun and enjoyable holiday ahead. Financial experts have differing views on how much money you should keep in savings, how and where to invest your money, and how best to manage your monthly and yearly costs. Do you have questions about your current financial situation and debt-load? Would you like guidance or information from a financial expert for yourself, a friend or loved one? Are you looking for resources within your community to help you manage your overall financial picture? Kinjunxion is here to help with sources of support and information.

You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.

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Finding Rent Support


Municipal Management & Finances

A Primer for Municipal Officials and other Lay Persons to help better understand the Basics of managing a small community 1st Edition

Being a Municipal Officer or Municipal Official can be a challenging task in many of the small communities in Maine or any other state. Most of these positions are part time and do not draw the best of salaries. Unfortunately, there is little training and no certification requirements for these positions. In many cases, newly elected officers or elected/appointed officials depend on the past practices of their predecessors. These past practices may be OK or not OK and may not meet today’s standards. The budgets are much bigger and there are more state and federal laws/regulations to comply with. In the State of Maine, the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) offers some basic training/workshops and provides legal counsel for member communities for those that choose to participate. Many are not willing to spend the time in attending these training classes/workshops.

University Finances

Accounting and Budgeting Principles for Higher Education

Rigorous, detailed, and wide-ranging, University Finances is a unique and powerful resource.

Help for the Holidays:

7 Days of Journaling to HO! HO! HO!

This workbook is designed to help you through the ups and downs of the holiday season as your confidante, coach and sounding board. Whether you are feeling stressed out dealing with your in-laws or overwhelmed trying to find the money to buy gifts, you can turn to these journaling exercises (instead of the enticing tin of cookies someone brought into your office) to work through your emotions in a healthy and productive way. The workbook is divided into seven chapters, each representing a different day with a specific theme and journaling exercise. Ideally, you will block off about an hour every day for a week before or during the holidays so you can write consistently and build momentum. In the following chapters, you will address the triggers that cause you to be unhappy and overwhelmed during the holidays, you will work through your individual challenges and you will celebrate your own unique gifts that will help you during difficult times. The “Focusing on Your Gifts” sections will offer bonus tips, exercises or words of encouragement to keep you going.

6 Super Useful Tips to Improve Your Financial Budget

A budget is simply a tool to increase your consciousness of how and where you spend your money. It is also guideline to help you spend your money on the things that are most important to you. With this ebook discover: - 6 reasons to love the new financial budget - Learn to financial budget like a professional - The truth about financial budget in 3 little words - The best things about financial budget - How to solve the biggest problems with financial budget - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!

Map Your Finances

Learn the Art of Financial Mapping

‘Map Your Finances’ tells interesting anecdotes from the author’s personal experiences of investing over a forty year period. Her investments have included hands on management of small businesses, equities and real estate as well as self-managed superannuation. When it comes to personal finance, she has lots of tips for both the inexperienced and advanced investor. This book aims to improve financial literacy and teach the art of Financial Mapping. Financial Mapping is a new consumer category for planning, understanding and control of personal finances. Financial Mapping gives the ability to plot over an extended period, all your future financial plans in one dynamic calculator. Mapping software includes all financial decisions about budgeting, saving for something special, managing debts, building an investment portfolio of fixed interest securities, equities and real estate, buying or renovating a home, monitoring your retirement accounts and how you plan to drawdown money to live on during retirement. Financial Mapping is different from Internet calculators which use long term average returns for one financial calculation at a time. With Financial Mapping, changing one parameter immediately recalculates results for everything. Financial Mapping models dynamically any change of interest rates, income and capital growth over different time periods. It also allows back testing against historical data and economic cycles as well as incorporating lifestyle variables. The consumer can build a personal financial management hub where all future plans and actions can be modeled and stored. This book both entertains and educates.

The Holiday Hustle

Controlling the Black Mind and Finances

Given the everyday traditional functions and factors of life, has anyone ever stopped to question, why or where does the man made holidays originated from, why in fact are we to honor or celebrate them. One of the biggest questions you may want to ask, why are these man made traditional holidays promoted by church pastors, but cant be found in the bible? This book will give you a historical timeline and factual evidence as where all traditional, pagan holidays originated, and why are they celebrated.

The Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce

How to Navigate Everything from Heartache and Finances to Child Custody

What can two women who married the same man tell you about divorce? Plenty! Divorce can tear up a woman’s life like a tornado going through a trailer park. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Seasoned experts on all things divorce, Holiday Miller and Valerie Shepherd developed a unique friendship after they both married and divorced the same man. They learned the hard way that when divorce is on the horizon, most women fall apart. While the husband is gathering ammunition with his high-paid attorney, the wife is rehashing what went wrong—instead of preparing herself for the battle ahead. The Ex-Wives’ Guide to Divorce teaches women how to manage the “business of divorce” in a focused, realistic, and organized manner. Miller and Shepherd aren’t lawyers or psychologists, but they have the hard-won wisdom of experience. They share crucial advice on how women can build a support system and maintain a tenacious spirit through the heartache and nitty-gritty negotiations over alimony, child custody, and the rest. Divorce is never pretty, but Miller and Shepherd want to make the experience as easy and painless as possible. Straightforward and honest, this essential guide equips soon-to-be ex-wives with a road map of what lies ahead, easing their fears, saving them money, and motivating them to start building new lives for themselves, sans Prince Charming.

Keep the Happy in Your Holidays

21 Ways to Save Time, Money, and Your Sanity This Christmas Season

“The most wonderful time of the year”? We dream of Christmas as a season of family, celebration, and worship—but too often we get burdened with stress, busyness, yelling, and overspending. Cherie Lowe, author of Slaying the Debt Dragon, knows what it’s like to feel frazzled as the holidays draw near. A family of four trying to defeat their debt monster, the Lowe family had to get creative and intentional about keeping the happy in their holidays. These 21 tips—on budgeting, the items you should buy on Black Friday, and much more—will help you save money, time, and your sanity this holiday season. You’ll be able to enjoy the holidays without worry and stress—and celebrate a Christmas filled with wonder and joy. (Includes bonus printables!)

Military Spouse Finance Guide

Financial Advice for the Homefront

A Military Spouse Finance Guide: Financial Advice for the Homefront provides real-world information and easy-to-implement solutions for those who want to effectively manage their family's finances. With tips and examples that can be used throughout a person's military and civilian life, the Military Spouse Finance Guide is a comprehensive look at how to control your money, rather than having your money control you.Some of the topics covered include: Budgeting The different forms of borrowing Types of lending to avoid How to manage holiday spending Deployment and PCS financial issues Taxes Retirement And more! With contributions from Command Sergeant Major Roger Stradley, U.S. Army (retired)-founder of USA Cares-and Sylvia Kidd, Director, Family Programs, The Association of the United States Army, this guide can help your family reach your financial goals.For more financial education information please visit:

Provincial and Municipal Finances

Coast Banker

Managing Your Personal Finances

Current and fresh, yet firmly rooted in proven personal financial management techniques, this text features a conversational writing style that is highly readable and understandable. This textbook covers the individual's roles and financial responsibility as a student, citizen, family member, consumer, and employee.

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Children's Aid Society of Hamilton - Christmas Support Program

Program welcomes individuals, families, service organizations, or local businesses to sponsor a family or make an in-kind or monetary contribution to the agency’s Sponsorship Program or Toy Room and help hundreds of children and their families during the holiday season.

Good Shepherd Centres - Christmas Hamper Program - Good Shepherd Venture Centre (The)

Offers food hampers with groceries suitable to prepare a Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts for families with children and youth. Gift stockings are available for individuals. Registration is required.

Salvation Army (The) - Christmas Help Program - 80 Bay St

Provides food for families and individual adults and holiday gifts for children age 16 and under, when available. Children must reside permanently with applicant in order to register. Hamper pick-up dates will be assigned at the time of registering.

Mission Services of Hamilton - Christmas Care Program

Provides assistance to individuals and families with a generous size Food Hamper, with seasonal foods that make up a traditional Christmas meal. Toys are distributed depending on availability. Choice of food and new gifts for all family members.

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre - Christmas Assistance Program - 28 Athens St

Offers food and grocery gift cards to help during the holiday season. Toy store provides gifts for children age 12 and under.

St. Matthew's House - Christmas Assistance / Adopt-a-Family Program - 414 Barton St

Provides assistance to families through the Christmas season and connects individuals and families who want to provide assistance over Christmas.

Types of assistance are:
* Food vouchers
* Gift for children 18 years and under

Family or individual sponsorship can include:
* Provide food or supermarket vouchers for "Christmas Dinner"
* Provide new toys for children or gifts for teenagers
* Provide "Christmas Dinner", as well as one to two gifts and some new clothing for each child

Charitable tax receipts are given for donations.

Burlington. Finance Department - Assessment & Taxation Section - Burlington City Hall

This division of the Finance Department collects property taxes and administers Seniors' grants, charity rebates and vacancy rebates.

For questions regarding property assessment, call the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation 1-866-296-6722

Wesley - Wesley No Charge Christmas Program - 1974 King St

Christmas program provides food and new gifts for children, youth and adults requiring assistance. Apply in person to register. You may only register at one Christmas assistance program in the City.
Families shop for food, toys and gifts in a store-like setting. Families and singles are eligible.

Salvation Army (The) - Christmas Bureau - Dundas - 150 King St

Provides food for families and individual adults and holiday gifts for children age 16 and under, when available. Children must reside permanently with applicant in order to register. Hamper pick-up dates will be assigned at the time of registering.

Flamborough Food Bank - Christmas Hamper Program

Provides food and gifts for registered families with children and needy seniors.

YMCA of Oakville - PA Day & Holiday Child Care

* YMCA provides full-day licensed child care for school-age children (3.8 to 12 years) on P.A. Days designated by local school boards and holidays including March Break, Winter Break
* programs are held at various locations within Oakville
* P.A. Day and Holiday programs are a separate registration from before and after school care

Dates for 2018 to 2019

P.A. Days
* September 17, 2018 (Monday)
* October 5, 2018
* November 23, 2018
* February 1, 2019
* February 15, 2019
* April 12, 2019
* June 7, 2019

School Breaks/Holidays
* Winter Break, December 24, 2018 - January 4, 2019
* March Break, March 11-15, 2019

Burlington. Finance Department - Property Tax Reduction / Deferral - Burlington City Hall

Tax Rebate / Reduction
1. Low Income Seniors Property Tax Rebate
* City of Burlington property tax rebate of $ 525 for eligible seniors (see "Eligibility" below)
* application deadline December 31 each year
Contact or see website for more information and application form

Tax Deferrals
Note: using a tax deferral will make homeowner ineligible for tax rebate, and may have impact on other tax credits

1. Low-Income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Property Tax Increase Deferral
Defers increases in property taxes
* for low income seniors and low income persons with disabilities (see "Eligibility" below)
* a Region of Halton program, administered by the four local municipalities
* allows eligible homeowners to defer property tax increases to keep payments at a constant level as long as the property is their principal residence
* accumulated total of all deferred amounts is paid when property is sold or no longer the applicant's principal residence
* a lien is registered against the property at the time of the first deferral, and applies to all future deferrals
* application must be made annually, on or before 45 days after the mailing of the final property tax bill, which normally occurs in early June
Contact or see website for more information and application form

2. Older Adults Property Tax Deferral Program
Defers the full amount of property taxes for older adults under a certain income
* deferral is interest-free, but a lien is registered against the property
For more details, see full record here