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Income support is offered to help provide financial assistance to those who may not be able to meet their basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing. Typically, there are four main reasons that you may be in need of Income Support. First, you may not be able to work due to a long-term disability or a chronic health problem. Secondly, you may be looking for work, or currently working but not earning enough. Third, you may need training in order to secure a job. And lastly, you may be faced with a sudden and unexpected emergency, such as sudden eviction from your home due to fire. If you are finding yourself in any of these (or similar) situations, or have family members or friends who may be in need of Income Support, help is available. There are varying factors that will determine the level of financial assistance that you may receive, including your current financial resources, your physical and mental ability to work, and how many (if any) children are in your family. We know it can be difficult to ask for help. We are here for you.

You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.

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Microelectronics in Industry

An International Comparison : Britain, Germany, France

Old-age Income Support in the 21st Century

An International Perspective on Pension Systems and Reform

The past decade has brought an increasing recognition to the importance of pension systems to the economic stability of nations and the security of their aging populations. This report attempts to explain current policy thinking and update the World Bank's perspective on pension reform. This book incorporates lessons learned from recent Bank experiences and research that have significantly increased knowledge and insight regarding how best to proceed in the future. The book has a comprehensive introduction and two main parts. Part I presents the conceptual underpinnings for the Bank's thinking on pension systems and reforms, including structure of Bank lending in this area. Part II highlights key design and implementation issues where it signals areas of confidence and areas for further research and experience, and includes a section on regional reform experiences, including Latin American and Europe and Central Asia.

Public Finance and Public Policy

Responsibilities and Limitations of Government

This book is the second edition of Public Finance and Public Policy (2003). The second edition retains the first edition's themes of investigation of responsibilities and limitations of government. The present edition has been rewritten and restructured. Public choice and political economy concepts and political and bureaucratic principal-agent problems are introduced at the beginning for application to later topics. Fairness, envy, hyperbolic discounting, and other concepts of behavioral economics are integrated throughout. The consequences of asymmetric information and the tradeoff between efficiency and ex-post equality are recurring themes. Key themes investigated are markets and governments, institutions and governance, public goods, public finance for public goods, market corrections (externalities and paternalist public policies), voting, social justice, entitlements and equality of opportunity, choice of taxation, and the need for government. The purpose of the book is to provide an accessible introduction to the use of public finance and public policy to improve on market outcomes.

Income Support for the Unemployed

Issues and Options

With the aim to provide guidelines for countries wishing to introduce or improve income support systems for the unemployed, the book summarizes the evidence about the performance of five such systems: unemployment insurance, unemployment assistance, unemployment insurance savings accounts, severance pay, and public works. These systems are evaluated by two sets of criteria: (i) performance criteria, evaluating how well these systems work A? how they protect incomes and what other, particularly efficiency related, effects they may have; and (ii) design and implementation criteria, evaluating how these systems fit the country A? how suitable are these programs given country-specific conditions, chief among them being labor market and other institutions, the capacity needed for administering income support programs, the size of the informal sector, and prevalence of private transfers. Income Support Systems for the Unemployed also offers summary evaluations of alternative systems by describing the strengths and weaknesses of each system and pointing out the country specific circumstances which are particularly conducive to performance.

Student Finance For Dummies - UK

Your guide to financing a university education Navigating the intricacies of financing a UK education can make even the most composed parents and students lose their cool. Luckily, Student Financing For Dummies helps take some of the pain out of the struggle and offers everything you need—in one place—to put a money management plan in place and finance a university education. Packed with accessible guidance from authors throughout the UK who work with students and policy experts, it provides unique, sound and detailed financial advice to help students and their families manage money while at school. Taking the guesswork out of the student-finance process and saving you countless hours of searching on the Internet, this friendly, plain-English guide helps you navigate applying for student finance, student loans and grants, makes sense of subject-specific income like the NHS, Teacher Training and Social Work and more. And after the money is in place, you'll discover how to establish a financial plan to make sure the money lasts—from term to term and through the entire time at uni. Covers student finance in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Provides all the options for obtaining finance, loans and more Gives students and parents tips on which credit options to watch out for Offers expert advice on ongoing student finance support, managing income and expenditure and working during study Take the worry out of financing your education and focus on your studies with the help of Student Finance For Dummies.

Give People Money

How a Universal Basic Income Would End Poverty, Revolutionize Work, and Remake the World

A brilliantly reported, global look at universal basic income—a stipend given to every citizen—and why it might be the answer for our age of rising inequality, persistent poverty, and dazzling technology. Imagine if every month the government deposited $1,000 into your checking account, with no strings attached and nothing expected in return. It sounds crazy. But it has become one of the most influential and discussed policy ideas of our time. The founder of Facebook, President Obama’s chief economist, Canada and Finland’s governments, the conservative and labor movements’ leading intellectual lights—all are seriously debating versions of a UBI. In this sparkling and provocative book, economics writer Annie Lowrey looks at the global UBI movement. She travels to Kenya to see how a UBI is lifting the poorest people on earth out of destitution, India to see how inefficient government programs are failing the poor, South Korea to interrogate UBI’s intellectual pedigree, and Silicon Valley to meet the tech titans financing UBI pilots in expectation of a world with advanced artificial intelligence and little need for human labor. Lowrey also examines the challenges the movement faces: contradictory aims, uncomfortable costs, and most powerfully, the entrenched belief that no one should get something for nothing. The UBI movement calls into question our deepest intuitions about what we owe each other. Yet as Lowrey persuasively shows, a UBI—giving people money—is not just a solution to our problems, but a better foundation for our society in this age of marvels.

The local government finance report (England) 2008/2009

Report by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government under section 78A of the Local Government Finance Act 1988. On cover and title page: Local government finance (England)

Your Money or Your Life

9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence: Fully Revised and Updated for 2018

Brand new for 2018: A fully revised edition of one of the most influential books ever written on personal finance with more than a million copies sold “The best book on money. Period.” –Grant Sabatier, founder of “Millennial Money,” on CNBC Make It "This is a wonderful book. It can really change your life." -Oprah For more than twenty-five years, Your Money or Your Life has been considered the go-to book for taking back your life by changing your relationship with money. Hundreds of thousands of people have followed this nine-step program, learning to live more deliberately and meaningfully with Vicki Robin’s guidance. This fully revised and updated edition with a foreword by "the Frugal Guru" (New Yorker) Mr. Money Mustache is the ultimate makeover of this bestselling classic, ensuring that its time-tested wisdom applies to people of all ages and covers modern topics like investing in index funds, managing revenue streams like side hustles and freelancing, tracking your finances online, and having difficult conversations about money. Whether you’re just beginning your financial life or heading towards retirement, this book will show you how to: • Get out of debt and develop savings • Save money through mindfulness and good habits, rather than strict budgeting • Declutter your life and live well for less • Invest your savings and begin creating wealth • Save the planet while saving money • …and so much more! "The seminal guide to the new morality of personal money management." -Los Angeles Times

Understanding Housing Finance

Meeting Needs and Making Choices

This book discusses housing finance in political terms, thus providing a thorough analysis of the mechanisms and principles which are at the heart of current policies, and an understanding of the processes within housing finance.

Opportunities and Risks in Central European Finances

The recent emerging market crises in Asia and other regions suggests that while international capital inflows can make recipient economies stronger, they can potentially also increase the vulnerability of these economies to financial market crises. Two of the most notable sources of vulnerability are the quality of domestic financial intermediation and the speculative nature of some investment flows. 'Opportunities and Risks in Central European Finances' examines the nature of capital flows in the region, seeking to explain its dynamics, and potential sources of vulnerability. The book also appraises some potential costs that could be associated with a financial crisis. Finally, it presents views on how to manage these risks more effectively.

Group Politics and Social Movements in Canada, Second Edition

Group Politics and Social Movements in Canada, Second Edition updates and expands its exploration of a wide range of organized group and social movement activity in Canadian politics. Particularly distinctive is the inclusion of Quebec nationalism and Aboriginal politics. Many other areas of collective activity are also included: the Occupy movement and anti-poverty organizing, ethnocultural political mobilization, disability, lesbian and gay politics, feminism, farmers and organized interests in agriculture, Christian evangelical groups, environment, and health movements. Contributors to the collection employ a number of theoretical perspectives from political science and sociology to describe the evolution of organized groups and movements and to evaluate successes in exercising influence on Canadian politics. Each chapter provides an overview of the group or movement along with an account of its main networks and organizations, strategies, goals, successes, and failures.

Agricultural Finance

From Crops to Land, Water and Infrastructure

"Agricultural Finance is the only book which comprehensively deals with worldwide agriculture markets, spikes in agricultural commodity prices, trading strategies (CTAs and others), the agribusiness industry, the challenges of feeding the planet as well as the fascinating subjects of land, water, fertilizers, biofuels and ethanol. Given their importance to human life, cycles in agricultural commodity prices are very different from the likes of copper or crude oil.With over 15 chapters the book will feature topics such as agricultural insurance, energy, shipping and bunker prices, sustainability, ethanol, water, investments in land, fertilizers, soft commodities such as sugar, coffee ; rubber; agricultural policies, subsidies, econometrics and agricultural derivatives and farming risk-management.Contents will also include chapters on:1."Futures, options on Agricultural Commodities and Risk-Management in Farming and Agribusiness"2. Real Options in Land and Valuation of Physical Assets, Crushers and Storage Facilities 3. Structured Products and ETFs on Agricultural Commodities4. Trade Finance in an Era of Credit Shortage5. Securitization and Commodity- Linked Notes6 Grains (wheat, corn, soybeans)7 Softs: Coffee, Cocoa, Cotton8. Shipping as a Key component of Agricultural trade; the Major Routes and the Costs"--

Passive Income

Grief Support

Support and Recovery

Unemployment Support

Create Passive Income

Real Estate Financing

ADHD Support

Single Moms Support

Support our military

New Moms Support

Burlington. Finance Department - Property Tax Reduction / Deferral - Burlington City Hall

Tax Rebate / Reduction
1. Low Income Seniors Property Tax Rebate
* City of Burlington property tax rebate of $ 525 for eligible seniors (see "Eligibility" below)
* application deadline December 31 each year
Contact or see website for more information and application form

Tax Deferrals
Note: using a tax deferral will make homeowner ineligible for tax rebate, and may have impact on other tax credits

1. Low-Income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Property Tax Increase Deferral
Defers increases in property taxes
* for low income seniors and low income persons with disabilities (see "Eligibility" below)
* a Region of Halton program, administered by the four local municipalities
* allows eligible homeowners to defer property tax increases to keep payments at a constant level as long as the property is their principal residence
* accumulated total of all deferred amounts is paid when property is sold or no longer the applicant's principal residence
* a lien is registered against the property at the time of the first deferral, and applies to all future deferrals
* application must be made annually, on or before 45 days after the mailing of the final property tax bill, which normally occurs in early June
Contact or see website for more information and application form

2. Older Adults Property Tax Deferral Program
Defers the full amount of property taxes for older adults under a certain income
* deferral is interest-free, but a lien is registered against the property
For more details, see full record here

Halton. Finance Department - Older Adults Property Tax Deferral Program

The program allows older adult homeowners in Halton with low incomes to defer their full property taxes for as long as they remain eligible.
This allows participants to focus their financial resources on their day-to-day needs, helping them to stay in their homes and improving their overall quality of life.
If you qualify, the deferral of your property taxes is interest-free.

Mohawk College - Income Tax Clinic

Income tax clinic - to prepare current and prior year

Canada. Members of Parliament – David Christopherson, MP - Income Tax and GIS Clinic - Hamilton Centre Federal Riding

A year round income tax clinic for seniors and other low income people living in the Hamilton Centre Federal Riding.

Canada. Canada Revenue Agency - Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and GIS Preparation Clinics

Offers volunteers who assist individuals who are unable to complete income tax and benefit returns.

These returns are not eligible for this service:
* returns for deceased persons
* individuals who file for bankruptcy
* self-employed individuals
* individuals who report capital gains or losses
* individuals who report employment expenses, or business or rental income and expenses

Volunteer tax preparation clinics are offered in various locations across Canada, generally between February and April of each year. Some clinics operate year-round.

Canada. Members of Parliament – Scott Duvall, MP - Income Tax and GIS Clinic - Hamilton Mountain Federal Riding

Help with income tax inquiries.

Dundas Community Services - Income Tax and GIS Clinic - Grafton Square

Income Tax assistance for Dundas residents, on limited or fixed income.

Ontario. Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services - Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Income Support - Hamilton Central

Provides financial assistance and other benefits to eligible people with disabilities and their families.

Service Canada - Service Canada, Burlington Centre - Burlington Centre

One-stop service delivery for a wide range of federal programs and services includes:

All Canadians
* apprenticeship grants
* job bank
* labour market information
* passport application
* Social Insurance Number (SIN) application

Employers and organizations
* funding programs
* hiring foreign workers
* human resource management
* Record of Employment (ROE)

Families and children
* Canada Child Benefit
* Canada Pension Plan children's benefits
* Canada Pension Plan death benefit
* Canada Pension Plan survivor's pension
* Employment Insurance family supplement
* Employment Insurance maternity and parental benefits
* Employment Insurance special benefits for parents of critically ill children

Labour and workplace information
* labour standards
* occupational health and safety
* wage earner protection program
* workplace equity

Newcomers to Canada
* foreign credentials referral

People with disabilities
* Canada Pension Plan disability benefits
* opportunities fund for people with disabilities

* Allowance program
* Allowance for the Survivor program
* Canada Pension Plan retirement pension
* Canadian government annuities
* Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
* international benefits
* Old Age Security (OAS)

* Veterans Affairs Canada

* Canadian forces recruitment awareness
* Employment Insurance regular benefits
* Employment Insurance sickness benefits
* Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recruitment awareness

Youth and Students
* CPP Disability (18-25 years of age)
* CPP Survivors (18-25 years of age)
* Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)
* career focus
* job search assistance
* Skills Link

General Topics and Information - Halton Region - How to Find - Income Programs & Financial Assistance - Halton

This topic record provides an overview of Employment Insurance, social assistance (Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program) and other income supports, and acts as an index to related records in this directory.

1. Employment Insurance (EI) provides:
* regular benefits for individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own
* maternity or parental benefits for individuals who are pregnant, have recently given birth, are adopting a child or are caring for a newborn
* sickness benefits for individuals who are unable to work due to illness, injury or quarantine
* compassionate care benefits for individuals who have to be away from work to provide care for a gravely ill family member who is in significant risk of death
For more information see records for Service Canada Centres here.
* you may also apply to Ontario Works to supplement income from Employment Insurance benefits (contact Halton Region 905-825-6000 or see separate record here)
For help appealing a decision, contact Halton Community Legal Services (call 905-875-2069 or see separate record here)

People with disabilities (may include mental illness and developmental disabilities), may apply to one or both of the following:
1. Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
* for those 16 to 64 with a disability expected to last 1 year or more
* call 905-637-4500 or see separate record here

2. Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits
* for those under 65 who have a disability and have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan
* call 1-800-277-9914 or see separate record here

3. If you are turned down for the above
* to apply to Ontario Works for financial assistance call Halton Region at 905-825-6000 or see separate record here)
For help appealing a decision, contact Halton Community Legal Services (call 905-875-2069 or see separate record here)

1. Veterans Affairs Canada provides benefits for some veterans (and their dependents), including:
* Veterans pensions
* Veterans Independence Program
* and other benefits
* see separate record here

You may be eligible for one or more of the following programs, which may be used simultaneously:
Age 60 and older
1. Canada Pension Plan (CPP) (for those 60 or older who have ever contributed to Canada Pension Plan), call 1-800-277-9914 or see separate record here
2. Allowance (for those 60-64 who are the spouse or survivor of an Old Age Security pensioner), call 1-800-277-9914 or see separate record here

Age 65 and older
1. Old Age Security (OAS), for those who are 65 and older and have lived legally in Canada for required time (even if you are not retired, or now live outside Canada), call 1-800-277-9914 or see separate record here
2. OAS recipients with low income may also be eligible for Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), see separate record here
3. OAS recipients with low income may also be eligible for Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS), for more information see here

60 and older and need income help, but are NOT eligible for the programs above:
1. those under 65 may apply to Ontario Works (see separate record here)
2. those 65 or older (or any age with a disability) may apply to Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) (see separate record here)
For help appealing a decision, contact Halton Community Legal Services (call 905-875-2069 or see separate record here)

Ontario Works provides provides temporary financial assistance to individuals returning to the workforce, call Halton Region at 905-825-6000 or see separate record here (people who are unemployed should also apply to Employment Insurance program, above)
* recipients may also receive other benefits such as food and medical needs, family related expenses, health and wellness, additional housing expenses, employment and training, and referrals to other services
If you are turned down for Ontario Works, for help appealing contact Halton Community Legal Services (call 905-875-2069 or see separate record here)

For a customized list of federal, provincial and territorial programs and services you may be eligible for, see the Government of Canada's Benefits Finder website

General Topics and Information - Halton Region - Gas & Hydro Bill Assistance - Burlington

This topic record describes the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) credit, and where to get emergency help to pay a utility bill

Applies $35-$113 credit directly on each monthly hydro bill for those below the Low Income Measure cutoff
* to apply call 1-855-831-8151 (Mon-Fri 8 am-9 pm) or see website here
* if you need help applying call Salvation Army, Burlington Community and Family Services, 905-637-3893 or St. Christopher's Anglican Church, Open Doors Program 905-634-1809

1. Housing Stability Fund (one-time assistance for gas or hydro bills)
* contact Halton Region at 905-825-6000 or see separate record here

2. Energy Assistance Program (one-time emergency help for Union Gas bills)
* provides a one-time grant (up to $500) for those behind on payments and at risk for disconnection
* to apply contact United Way Simcoe Muskoka, 1-855-487-5327 or see website here

3. LEAP Program (one-time emergency help for electricity/hydro bills)
* to apply contact Salvation Army, Burlington Community and Family Services, 905-637-3893

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - Food and Clothing Assistance - Burlington Conferences

Volunteer organization that provides temporary assistance to those in need, through providing access to food (usually food vouchers) and a compassionate ear, and sometimes other necessities (eg, clothing or furniture)

SSVP in Burlington is composed of the following conferences:

South of QEW:
1. Holy Rosary Parish, 287 Plains Rd E * 905-631-6111

2. St. John the Baptist Parish, 2016 Blairholme Ave * 905-979-6460

3. St. Raphael Church Parish, 4072 New St * 905-681-6394

4. St. Patrick, 196 Kenwood Ave * 905-632-0270

North of QEW:
1. St. Paul the Apostle Parish, 2265 Headon Rd * 905-522-8222