Aging in Place

Aging in Place, or, sometimes called Aging at Home, refers to one’s ability to live safely and independently in their own home and community, regardless of age, rather than living in residential care. In order to do so, an individual must be able to perform the basic tasks of daily life, including cooking, eating, toileting and bathing, manage medications, as well as maintain a safe and healthy environment. These capabilities may change, decrease, or become more challenging with age, but there are in-home changes that can be made, as well as community resources that can be used to help seniors live independently at home for longer. Are you concerned that an aging loved one can no longer care for themselves? Would you like to know what resources are available in your neighbourhood to help them stay at home independently? Are you looking for resources for yourself to help keep you living in your own home? We know how important it is for you, or your loved ones, to live independently for as long as possible, and we have the help and resources you need to do so.

You are not alone. Connect with others who may be going through the same thing, find professional help and resources near you. The Kinjunxion community is here to help.

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Aging in Place

Designing, Adapting, and Enhancing the Home Environment

Provide a comfortable living environment for the aging! Aging in Place: Designing, Adapting, and Enhancing the Home Environment gives you a complete examination of current trends in adaptive home designs for older adults. As a therapist, designer, architect, builder, home planner, social worker, community organizer, or gerontologist, Aging in Place will show you innovative home designs and studies for creating environments that offer optimal living for aging adults. Complete with diagrams, floor plans, and tables, Aging in Place helps you to improve the quality of life for the elderly by offering them state-of-the-art designs that encourage independence and dignity. This unique and exciting book covers topics such as universal design which strives to create everyday environments and products like door handles and light switches that are usable by all people to the greatest extent possible, regardless of age or ability. Aging in Place will also show you how to: use follow-up visits by occupational therapists to ensure successful use of home modifications create environments that are helpful for vision rehabilitation by using controlled lighting and color schemes evaluate the quality of life for elderly people living in personal dwellings, specialized housing, and nursing homes explore architectural barriers and the uses of helping devices for elderly people examine research critiques of adaptive toilet equipment investigate modifications that have been made in homes for the elderly in India analyze ways in which elderly people have changed their homes to make the telephone more accessible Aging in Place is a complete guide to understanding the needs and latest trends in optimizing the living space of elderly persons. The book gives you access to several studies on elderly people's environmental needs and preferences in regard to modifications in personal and public dwellings. This information will assist you with better serving the elderly by helping them live more independently.

Residential Design for Aging In Place

Consult Residential Design for Aging In Place, the key reference for designing homes for aging people, if you seek to understand how to create effective spaces for the elderly. Interior designers, architects, and homebuilders are increasingly asked by clients to design homes to allow for adaptation over time, and this is the definitive guide, endorsed by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Find case study examples of good design solutions for designing for aging in place from two authors who are highly respected fellows of the ASID.

Aging in Place

Safely Living in Your "Home Sweet Home" Until You're 100+

Do you want to live in your home forever and not worry about your health or your age?Aging in Placeis the perfect resource, offering complete instructions for the safe and healthy way to successfully make that happen. Whether you are a senior citizen who faces the prospect of moving out of your home, an adult who wants to avoid this happening in the future, or a senior adult caregiver, this book is for you. Aging in Place offers assistance in: • Questions to ask your doctor to prepare for your life at home • Building your support system for a peaceful future • A home-safety checklist • Financial issues to consider • And more As aging-in-place concerns become a priority for seniors, useful and accessible information is essential for a healthy and smart transition. This book is an excellent self-assessment, with tips on working with family and local social services for elders. Aging In Place is your reference manual for successfully living at home forever.

Aging in Place

Navigating the Maze of Long-Term Care

Overwhelmed by handling your aging loved one’s affairs? Is your parents’ estate in good order? Do you know what their wishes are and how you can honor them? Are you struggling with where your parent can be best cared for following a hospital stay? Are you feeling guilty or manipulated by your family? Using real life examples, Aging in Place is instrumental in promoting healthy family discourse on these important topics. Mary Mashburn discusses the roadblocks and pitfalls you and your family might encounter, explains many useful planning techniques, and provides information on local and national resources. Whether in the midst of a crisis or just beginning to discuss options with loved ones, you gain valuable insight and information that guides you and your family toward making the best choices that fit your unique situation. Rather than offering a magic wand to make the difficulties of aging disappear, Aging in Place offers useful information to make decisions that provide peace and strength as those who are aging and their loved ones face these challenges together.

Aging in Place

The Role of Housing and Social Supports

In this highly practical volume, the contributing authors explore some of the dimensions associated with aging in place. There are increasing numbers of older Americans who are faced with fundamental changes in their economic circumstances, health, and marital status which have an impact on their ability to age in place. Without the necessary supports many may have no other choice but to be prematurely or inappropriately placed in costly health care facilities or be forced to move into unfamiliar, less safe, less satisfactory housing environments. Aging in Place explores some of the dimensions associated with aging in place and informs readers about unmet needs and available living options for elderly persons. Experts discuss a number of crucial factors regarding the availability of social supports and the impact it has on the independence of the elderly, specifically their living arrangements. They address the issue of control and how access to social contact and real choices about services and facilities increases independence among the elderly; congregate housing as an alternative to nursing care for those elderly too frail for less supportive housing; discharge policies concerning frailty in senior living arrangements; and the lack of a full range of services in many alleged full service communities.

The Paradox of Aging in Place in Assisted Living

The first participant-observation fieldwork on assisted living, based on an in-depth study of two assisted living settings and giving the viewpoints of both administrators and residents.

Aging in Place with Dignity

International Solutions Relating to the Low-income and Frail Elderly

Defines and analyses programmes to help the frail and low-income elderly stay out of institutions and age in place in their communities with proper support systems. The case studies presented describe recent thinking on public solutions to ageing in place in a number of developed countries.

Aging in Place

Supporting the Frail Elderly in Residential Environments

Aging in Places

Reflective Preparation for the Future

Aging In Places: Reflective Preparation for the Future describes the numerous and complex places with which older adults interact in everyday life. Reaching beyond much of the literature on aging, this book tells us what getting older is truly like in the voice of an articulate senior. It presents the totality of who elders are and the rich, multifaceted aspects of their existence. It broadens the potential for life planning through reflections on our place in society and culture, communities and neighborhoods, the natural world, houses and homes, among families and friends, and finally, our relationship with ourselves. This book will help readers expand ideas about their future and offer a way to prepare in a constructive, mindful, and creative way.

How to Age in Place

Planning for a Happy, Independent, and Financially Secure Retirement

Two clinical psychologists and aging specialists provide an essential guide for seniors, their adult children and eldercare professionals that offers useful, actionable advice on financial planning, keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit, getting around, and more. Original.

Naturally occurring retirement communities

a model for aging in place : hearing before the Subcommittee on Retirement Security and Aging of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, second session, on examining naturally occurring retirement communities and what impact they may have on the ability to create livable community options for all Americans, May 16, 2006

Aging in the Right Place

Highlights the profound significance of where older people live and receive care. This book explores many pathways to thriving in old age, ranging from aging in place to moving to housing and care settings specially tailored to match a person's lifestyle and vulnerabilities.--Provided by publisher

Ages 21-35

The New Age Movement

Playgroup, Ages Birth to 5

Middle Aged: 40+


Women Age: 50 - 65

Hamilton Council on Aging - Age Friendly Hamilton Events Calendar

Provides information on upcoming activities and events taking place in Hamilton for older adults.

Community Development Halton - Burlington Age-Friendly Council - Burlington - South Service Rd

Promotes a vision of Burlington as the best place to live, work and play as we age
* independent body of citizen volunteers and organization representatives which works in collaboration with other organizations
* educates and advocates for policies, services, settings and structures that support and enable people to age gracefully, actively, and with dignity
* hosts education events on a wide range of topics related to seniors and age-friendly communities

Focuses on 8 priority areas:
* communication and information
* transportation and mobility
* housing options
* outdoor spaces and buildings
* social participation
* respect and social inclusion
* civic participation and employment
* community support and health services

Supports the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of an Age-Friendly City, and is committed to an age-friendly Burlington that:
* promotes the sharing of resources, talents and gifts of all citizens
* promotes physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of all citizens
* ensures older adults are able to thrive throughout their life course and continue to be contributing members of the community
* works collaboratively to take action to enhance the well-being and participation of seniors and their families in Burlington

ForestView Church Without Walls

* Worship services
* Children's programming and nursery available at all services

Groups & Programs:
* Paradigm Shift (youth grades 9-12) Wed evenings
* Reality (grades 6-8) Wed evenings
* Community Outreach
* Covenant Community Groups
* Children's Summer ZappedCamps

* Just Christmas mid-Nov
* Sunday Community Carnival end of Jun
* Thanksgiving Monday hike

First Place Hamilton - Seniors Community Centre

Provides cultural, recreational, health, and support programs and services for seniors residing at First Place, as well as for seniors in the community.

First Place Hamilton - Seniors Community Centre

Provides cultural, recreational, health, and support programs and services for seniors residing at First Place, as well as for seniors in the community.

First Place Hamilton - Seniors Community Centre

Provides cultural, recreational, health, and support programs and services for seniors residing at First Place, as well as for seniors in the community.

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning - Centre for Elder Research - Oakville - Trafalgar Road Campus

A centre for applied research into areas of practical concern and relevance to older adults.

* works with Sheridan’s faculty, staff and students and industry and community groups conducting research in the field of aging to develop innovative approaches to enhance the well-being of older adults
* also serves as an education and research hub for Sheridan and the community

St. Peter's Hospital - Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences (GERAS)

Ensures that issues affecting older adults are at the forefront of teaching, research, and service in Hamilton. Improves the quality of life for older adults through an environment that supports collaboration between individuals and organizations involved in research in aging.

McMaster University - HSIIP Research Project - Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging

Partner of the Hamilton Seniors Isolation Impact Plan, researching seniors isolation in Hamilton.

Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton / Niagara - Aging at Home Program

A Francophone Community Health Centre providing health and social services to French-speaking clients by professionals in the community or individual homes.
Aging at Home Program:
* Case management
* nursing services
* occupational therapy
* blood-pressure clinics
* foot care
* mental health services
* educational workshops on various topics
* physical and mental exercise program

Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton / Niagara - Aging at Home Program

A Francophone Community Health Centre providing health and social services to French-speaking clients by professionals in the community or individual homes.
Aging at Home Program:
* Case management
* nursing services
* occupational therapy
* blood-pressure clinics
* foot care
* mental health services
* educational workshops on various topics
* physical and mental exercise program

Emmaus Church

The church believes its members are all on the journey of discovering Jesus more deeply - together - one step at a time.
* all are welcome with no prerequisite of church background or prior belief and are invited to bring their faith and their doubt, their worship and their questions

Worship Services:
* include live professional musicians, thought-provoking chat and creative media in a relaxed and friendly environment.
* programs for children offered at same time as service

Groups & Programs:
* Sr. High
* Jr. High