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Punjabi Community Health Services

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Sadiya Shaikh

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Alba Menjivar

Legal social work

Rob Higgins


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Tahmid Hasan

Niki Coleman

Sabrina Aziz

Jessica Ustel

Abrar Mechmechia

Certified Listener
Abrar has a BA in Science of Psychology. She has started operating her licenced business as a mental health counselor in Ontario. She has supported treating families, women, new-comers, refugees, children and youth with PTSD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders , family conflict, anger management and self-esteem for more than 5 years;

Emma Guiry

Anil Khanna

Tasleem Rasool

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Ghada Abdou

Savanna Vettyvelu

Bachelor of Social Work
I am a graduate of the BSW program at Ryerson University and have a keen interest in listening and helping others. I have experience working with people from all walks of life, including individuals with varying degrees of developmental disabilities, as well as newcomers to Canada, Youth living in under-serviced

Brandon Benguaich

Chanpreet Kaila

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Michelle Valletta

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Anne Oketch

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Manpreet Ralh

Gerontology-Social Service Worker

Family Concierge

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social service worker

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Laura Phelan

Active Listener/Counsellor
Hey! Im laura, I am gladly here to listen and help you through any stressful and tough events that you may be going thru! Hey, no shame ! We all go through many challenges in life and its OKAY to talk to someone and get some help :) I believe

Pragnesh Patel

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micky mouse

Emily Brohman

Bachelor’s of Social Work

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