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What Does Self-Care Look and Feel Like?

“A self-care routine goes beyond spa days. It stems from reflecting deeply about our needs and our values. It stems from reflecting deeply about who we really are.” – Margarita Tartakovsky,

Toolkit for Family Self-Care and Recovery from Mental Illness

This resource was created by Nicole Chovil, Ph.D., Rosalind Irving, RCC, and Karin Steenge. – HeretoHelp.bc.ca ABOUT THIS TOOLKIT Introduction “This resource is intended for families of people dealing with

Surviving the Sandwich Generation

“Nope, not talking about growing up eating PB&J…how I wish I were. No, I’m talking about those of us who are a part of the Sandwich Generation – taking care

Actor and Comedian asks Twitter for Mental Health Advice

Pakistani-American Comedian, and Actor, Kumail Nanjiani, is best known in 2017 for starring in “Silicon Valley,” and Judd Apatow’s 2017 hit drama-comedy, “The Big Sick.” He asked his Twitter followers, “How do you

Power of Attorney - Preparation and Duties

“When a person loses the ability to make decisions, many things in their daily life cannot be done.” – Areta Lloyd, alzlive.com There are no automatic rights allowing a child, partner

Therapist Approved Apps for Mental Wellness

“Over the past few years, smartphones have become ubiquitous in our society. As a therapist, one of the ways that I’ve seen and helped clients utilize their phones is to

I'm a Parent and I'm Tired of the Bull$#!%

“I’m pretty sure being an adult is 85 percent dealing with BS you don’t want to deal with. And if you’re a parent you can bump that number up quite

Does #SocialMedia Affect Our Mental Health?

Does social media affect your mental well-being? Are there stats to prove that social media has a negative impact on our mental health?  Social media has been revolutionary. No doubt about

Building Resilience

“Resilience, or our capacity to withstand painful and disruptive life experiences (and even catastrophes), is taking on more importance than ever in the uncertain world we live in today.” –

Identifying Your Purpose

“At the end of the day, your idea of what you’re ‘meant to do’ in life is really important, if only for the fact that it is a lens through

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