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Phone Anxiety: You Are Not Alone

If you find yourself becoming anxious at the thought of making a phone call, whether it be to the doctor, the dentist, your friend or your family, you can safely

Do you have a love/hate relationship with school ?

The majority of students get the love/hate feeling with back-to-school season, but hopefully, these 12 reasons will help us get the most out of this school year. Being a student

Extramarital Emotional Affairs: What they are and How to Stop Them

Emotional affairs involve intense emotional and romantic attachment to someone besides their significant other without ever engaging in any kind of physical or sexual activity. This article is helpful in

Women of courage: Employment help for women who have been abused

Women of Courage is a resource provided by the government of Ontario which provides women who have been abused with the help they might need in returning to the workforce

Cocaine Addiction Test

If you are concerned about your or another person’s cocaine use, then you should consider taking this cocaine addiction test provided by the organization Cocaine Anonymous. The test includes 20

Gambling Test

If you are concerned about your or another person’s gambling, then you should consider taking this gambling test. The test includes 20 questions to be answered with either a true

Partners of Internet Addicts Test

If you are concerned about a partner’s internet usage and are worried that it might be becoming an issue and is affecting your relationship with you and other people in

The holidays aren’t always holidays for caregivers

Holidays can mean an increase in responsibilities for caregivers of people who depend on them for mobility and other tasks. While the fact that people require more help to get

Ways to work with your siblings to care for an aging parent

Working alongside siblings and other family members to provide adequate care for your aging parent can be a challenge at the best of times. Siblings are often given to conflict

Difficult dementia behaviours and how to deal with them

Among the many difficulties of being a caregiver or relative to someone living with Alzheimer’s or dementia are the behavioural changes that patients begin to exhibit as their disease progresses.

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