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This 97-Year-Old’s Life Was Changed By a Bicycle Ride

In Denmark, 97-year-old Thorkild Thim would spend days on end watching cyclists pass him by. Ole Kassow noticed Thorkild sitting on his bench outside his senior home, being watched for

Managing Pain From a Broken Hip – A Guide for Adults and Their Caregivers

Wikipedia defines a broken hip as, “a break that occurs in the upper part of the femur (thigh bone). They most often occur as a result of a fall. If

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors with Alzheimer's/Dementia

DailyCaring.com has “chosen 25 of the best gifts that are perfect for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. There’s something to appeal to people at all levels of cognitive ability.” This list of gifts

The holidays aren’t always holidays for caregivers

Holidays can mean an increase in responsibilities for caregivers of people who depend on them for mobility and other tasks. While the fact that people require more help to get

Ways to work with your siblings to care for an aging parent

Working alongside siblings and other family members to provide adequate care for your aging parent can be a challenge at the best of times. Siblings are often given to conflict

A Guide to Help You Plan to Age in Place

“Thinking about Your Future? –  Plan Now to Age in Place.” – Canada.ca “Aging in place means having access to services and the health and social supports you need to

Holiday Activities for Seniors

The holiday season is a time for family and friends. Ensuring that every member of your family is included and able to participate in the joys of the season is

Prepare to Care: Guide for LGBT Caregivers

Studies have shown that older adults in the LGBT community are twice as likely to be single and up to four times more likely to be childless than non-LGBT individuals.

Study and Guide: Older LGBT Adults in Long-Term Care Facilities

A study in 2010 found that “LGBT elders are more likely to be single, childless, estranged from their biological family, and reliant on families of choice, such as friends and

Breaking the Silence Around Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is rarely evident on the surface and often takes a series of questions about the person’s day to day life to reveal the patterns of emotional manipulation that

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